Can't Post

If you arent able to post anything, post your name here.

Well now, that presents a conundrum.

“If you are absent raise your hand. Good.”
-One of my teachers in a ~300 person class who was supposed to take attendance during a 90 minute lecture. :rolleyes:


This is either the stupidest, or funniest thread ever.

I haven’t decided which. :confused:

Apparently you must be suffering from a case of builder’s block.
Hopefully it’s temporary.

lol this is just funny


I can do that too.


And yes, people have figured this out and call me Nigel. Kinda odd. :rolleyes:

what how can you post if it wont let you post???

im very cofused

keep in mind this was at 11 oclock and we were relieving some tension… and adding humor for all the world to enjoy

(krihS sitruC)

ya this has nothing to do with the subject but I need help trying to post or what ever it is that you have to do to put a question on the website… thanks

Start a new thread if you want to post a question :ahh:

yea I cant post lol.

… this was fun while it lasted. Awesome. Woo. Closed.