Can't push Java code to RoboRio

Trying to compile 2019 code using VSCode to the roborio i just re-imaged. Each time the gradle build starts, its successfully compiles the code and finds the roborio over usb at, but then it errors out multiple times saying:

admin @ Connected.
Reason: InvalidImageException
RoboRIO Image invalid! RoboRIO: 2019_v13, allowed: [2019_v12]

From there it fails and stops. I haven’t found any information about this elsewhere but it appears that VSCode is only allowing v12, and my roborio is v13. V13 is what came with the imaging tool from NI.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

You need to update wpilib to 2019.2.1. You can download the new installer, run it, and vscode will prompt to update your project.

How do you update wpilib from VS Code?

I’ve tried the Check WPILib update and it says that there is no update available.