Can't recompile Default Code after v11 upgrade

Yesterday, I updated the cRIO with the v11 firmware after installing Workbench update 3.0a. Everything appeared to work fine.

I recompiled our code and downloaded it to the cRIO with no problems.

However, upon running, no response from the same motors and such that were working prior to firmware update.

I figure “let’s try the default code and make sure that works” so I add the iterative robot code as an example. However, I cannot get the build process to generate the .out file no matter what I try (Clean…etc.) The Build Console never shows any .o file creation, and the directory/ies that usually contain the .out file are missing from the PPC603gnu folder in the default code project.

A little help? Seems I have two problems to correct - getting the default code to compile and generate a .out file so I can download the thing and verify the cRIO is working ok, and then after that going back to my own project and figuring out why motors are suddenly not responding to joystick and gamepad inputs and code that was working just find prior to the firmware update.

Edit - Uploaded a junky screenshot showing result of “rebuild project” when trying to compile default code.


windriver (128 KB)

windriver (128 KB)