Can't resolve TalonControlMode

Using Talon SRX, we updated Eclipse with latest plugins… changed the CANTalon to TalonSRX, now i am stuck on resolving the TalonControlMode.follower

	TalonSRX _leftSlave = new TalonSRX(6);
		TalonSRX _rightSlave = new TalonSRX(3);
    	/* take our extra talons and just have them follow the Talons updated in arcadeDrive */
		_leftSlave.set(null, 4); 		/* device IDs here (2 of 2) */
		_rightSlave.set(null, 1);

There is no more changeControlMode. Control mode is now passed whenever you use set().

When you instantiate your follower objects, you can immediately set them to follower mode using (obj).set(ControlMode.Follower, <int of master>)

Then when you want to drive the motors, on the “master” Talon that is driving the chassis (say with an axis value from a joystick, or if you’re using a pid style control any other method) use (obj).set(ControlMode.PercentOutput, 1.0)

Can also set follow mode with follow() method (p. 58 of 1/13/2018 version of
TALON SRX / Victor SPX Software Reference Manual)

/* recommended method: use follow routine */