Can't run robot

Your loss, I guess. Trust me, nobody is going to get a competitive advantage from looking at code that isn’t working when literally hundreds of other teams have posted working code others could learn from.


Alright, can you provide a small amount of it? I understand and respect your desire to keep it secret, but I would argue that working code is more important that secret code.

Ik just our teams choice

Then you are on your own then. There is nothing further we can do to help you.


Thanks for your help

I believe you should seriously consider talking to someone about sharing your code. It seems you have a problem that needs to be fixed. It’s better to find the bugs now rather than at competition when it really matters.


Broken robot Vs. showing your code to some nerds on CD? I think the correct choice is obvious.


We figured it out thanks to everyone who helped

Out of curiosity, what was the issue?

a mag encoder wasnt plugged in and since our code checks it for position it never finished so electronics fixed that

Sounds like a good solution. I would suggest to tape those connections down as well!


This is a problem in and of itself - if something happens to your encoder cable, your robot will again be unable to proceed. The code which checks the encoder value should time out and allow the other robot functions to proceed if it takes too long.


Thanks we are planning on just having our driver push it to it’s max to set it if it doesn’t sense a mag encoder

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