Can't Unhide Vertices

One of our students was working on an Editable Polygon & accidentially hid the vertices. We can’t figure out how to unhide them! Of course we tried Unhide All.

The Editable Poly looks okay and he can edit the edges & faces, but not vertices. How can he unhide them?

try to make a quickslice/cut to make more vertices and then use unhide all feature again…
Well, it will at least tell if it is a bug or not =)

The “unhide all” feature you used is the one at “edit geometry” rollout, not the right click one, right?

Thanks Fernando! We found the Unhide All button under the Edit Geometry panel, just where you said it would be. We got our vertices back. :smiley:

The confusing part is we right-clicked to hide the vertices, but when we right-clicked to Unhide All they don’t come back.

How do you know so much about 3ds Max? Have you taken any classes in it, or are you self-taught? How many years have you been using the software?

i’ve been using 3dsmax since v5 was released =)
But I stopped using it for a while (well, a lot of time, i lost three version updates =p)
I think it all sums to roughly 1 year at all…
internet tutorials and max tutorials rock =)

And I don’t “know so much” about 3dsmax… I really want to know how they make those pictures at 3dtotal galleries =]