Can't update firmware of radio 2017

I am trying to use the FRC configuration utility (FRC_Radio_Configuration_17_2) to load the firmware onto the radio (OM5P-AC router). On multiple computers, I launch the program, select the Ethernet port, and hit the “Load Firmware” button. I then get the error:

Bridge firmware load field. Error finding NPF device name for adapter: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller 2
Please reset the bridge and try again

I tried following the steps on this thread but alas no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas? This just shouldn’t be this hard.

If I try to run the configure it does talk to the radio and tells me to update the firmware.
When I try to load the firmware I get an error on 3 different pcs.

We have never had issues in previous years with flashing the radio :frowning:


I also tried from command line
From there I get

AP51-Flash Hello
Verify image path: firmwareOM5PAC.bin: combined ext image <318054 bytes>

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Could be a bug with the software. Our team just used the 2016 radio config utility to change the team number.

Still hoping someone can help. Can’t get the radio firmware to update.

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We are stuck at the exact same point right now. Does anybody have any idea how to solve this?

If you disable all other network interfaces the firmware update will work.

You will know you have disabled all other network interfaces when there is only one interface selection when the Radio Configuration tool starts.

I solved this issue by loading the firmware through a network switch.

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Team 4137 is having the same problem, have tried everything we can think of, rebooting the laptop that the configuration software is running on, removing and reinstalling configuration software, a different Ethernet cable etc.

I’m going with the simple route again, because a slight oversight caused us some issues and analyzing our hardware installation found the problem. PLus this is very easy to check and dismiss if I’m wrong. Here goes:

  1. The power input needs to be connected to the 12V/2A output of the VRM. This is different from years past.

  2. When connecting to the radio from a PC, the ethernet cable plugs into the port furthest away from the power input.

  3. When connecting to the radio from the RoboRio, the ethernet cable plugs into the port adjacent to the power input.

I hope this helps. If it’s software, that’s not my realm.

Team 4137 was finally able to update the radio. This occurred a day after our 3 hours of frustration. Another mentor launched the Radio Configuration Tool and followed the instructions in the GUI. This is what we think was done the previous day, but this time with a different operator it worked.

No idea why the software and system behaved differently after 20 hours. So turn everything off overnight and try again. If the software was bullet proof then should not make a difference, it must get into a state where it hangs up. Doesn’t make sense, but it is software.

Same issue here, We have tried 3 different laptops and still get the error. Dont have a cross over cable to try that.

Team 6369 is having problems as well with all our routers.

C:\Users\a0271164\Desktop\FRC 2018\Radio Error

OK, so I am obviously still learning how to post properly in here. I tried to post a pic of my error. I guess I will just have to type it out. The error we are seeing states……

“Bridge firmware load failed: Timeout flashing radio. Make sure you have launched the .exe not the .jar and make sure not to unplug the radio until the operation completes. Please reset the bridge and try again.”

This is with all ports disabled and with steady power applied.

Fixed the issue. I was following the instructions and disabled all ports, with exception of the LAN port I was using to flash the router. When I kept getting the above stated error I got frustrated and turned everything back on so I could get on Chief Delphi and look around. I forgot to turn off all the ports and flashed it again………IT WORKED. :yikes:

For some reason I had to have all my ports turned on to get the firmware updated. That is what fixed our problem with the above stated error.

One of the 972 mentors found that Bluetooth had to be off too: “Disable all adapters.” No, I can’t explain it. ALSO - The adapters had to be disabled from Windows => Control Panel => Device Manager, not at Network and Sharing Center as shown in the doc.