Can't update Pheonix Tuner CAN

We are having a problem with our Pheonix Tuner. It does not appear to be connecting the to RIO effectively after we updated the RIO. We have it connected via USB. When we attempt to change a device ID we get an error about the node being invalid. When we attempt to install the diagnostic server, we are met with a general Error. At this point we are completely lost.

I always have a ton of issues connecting to the RoboRIO with USB in general.

Connect to the robot wifi, then type in your RoboRIO’s IP address into Phoenix Tuner. My team is 7226, so in my case it would be

Then you can use Phoenix tuner over WIFI

What version of Tuner do you have?

The symptom you describe sounds like you have an old (pre-2022) version of Phoenix Tuner.
You should have a version of Tuner no lower than 1.7.0 - if yours is older than that, update to the latest by running the latest installer.

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