Can't Upload to Robot "No executable binary file found"

When I try to run a command based robot, eclipse sais it can’t upload because it “cant find an executable binary file”
I checked if the getting started program worked and it did, then a new, non-edited command based robot worked and it didnt either.
This leads me to believe that it’s something to do with command based robots…

The weird thig is that yesterday I ran the same(non edited) program and it uploaded fine… Help!

How can I fix this??

Are you using Java by any chance? If so, did you make sure to install Java on the RoboRIO after reimaging?

No Im using C++
I noticed that sometimes(not always), when I build a new project there is a binary file right underneath the FileName
When this is so, I can upload, when it isn’t I cant and get the error…

Any fixes?

You don’t need to install Java from now on, the eclipse plugins will install it for you on first deploy or if it isn’t installed

Eclipse started doing the same for my code as well. I have no clue what’s going on with his. I just get the same error, “no executable binary file found.” If anyone can help me, that would be amazing.

It means your code couldn’t compile. If you look higher on the console it is probably giving the error messages.