CANTalon SRX negative input

So we are having some problems with out CANTalons. We are using 4 talons to drive but when the talons drive, two of the talons receive negative input while the other two receive positive input. The weird thing is they both go the same direction even though two receive negative while the other two receive positive. The negative also drive at a slower pace than the positive. We have checked wiring and the circuit is complete and all talons show up on the roborio web dash bored. The negative talons also fail every time we try to calibrate them. All of the firmware is updated to version 2.2. We have also tried resetting to default.
We would be grateful for any help

Your really should contact CTRE directly.

You will get a much faster response and solution if you contact them directly.

There are certain values in the firmware level of the CANTalon SRX which are retained over power cycles. These values can be set in the API. If two of the talons are running backwards, the SetInverted property could be true, which is a firmware level value.

If you reset the talons to their factory state, these values should be reset. If you are sure that you are not doing anything wrong with the software/firmware management of the talons (assuming the wiring is correct), then I agree with Paul Copioli; you should contact CTRE.

Please be more explicit about “positive” and “negative”. Is this indicated by the color of the lights on the Talon (green vs red), or the direction that the wheels roll (forward vs reverse)?

If the lights are always green (or always red) for positive inputs, but this causes the robot to spin, at least part of your problem is likely the fact that the motors on one side are oriented in reverse to the motors on the other side. That is, if all of wheels rotate clockwise as you look at them from the side of the robot, this will not cause the robot to drive forward or reverse, but to rotate counter-clockwise as viewed from above.

Thanks for all the advice! We eventually figured out that we just messed up the wiring. Thanks anyways though.

This is not uncommon.