CANVenom for Robotpy

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I have been looking to use Venom motors with Python. I have seen the PWMVenom class, but is there anyway to control it via CAN and, for instance, be able to access the encoder value?

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Unfortunately, since the Venom library isn’t part of WPILib by default and the venom motors aren’t very widely used, there likely isn’t a Python version available for the time being. I would reach out to the RobotPy developers to see if anything could be done - it may be possible to generate the library yourself the same way they port the C++ versions of other FRC libraries to Python.

I took a brief look, and it seems like PWF don’t support Linux (or macOS) simulation. Unfortunately without Linux simulation, we can’t build API documentation, and I can’t test the resulting libraries either (as I don’t have their hardware, and shipping to Australia is rather costly).

I asked @JaredL about this last year and it doesn’t seem like this is a priority to them. I put together some wrappers last year, but RobotPy can’t officially support it without Linux simulation, so we’re waiting on them.

They put a linux build together for us, and so we’re almost there! There are build failures that need to be resolved, but I’ve reached out to them and I’m optimistic we can push this out tomorrow once they rebuild with Ubuntu 18.04.

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These are great news! Thank you for your help and everyone else for your kind answers!

Thanks to PWF’s updates, we have Linux/OSX/RoboRIO builds pushed now!

Unfortunately there are issues with the Windows build at this time, so we’ll need to look into that later in the week.

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