Capable Climbing Attatchment Height

After looking at this poll, many teams have the intention of adding places for other robots to climb on them. At what point are most teams thinking of designing their climbers Attatchment points? Ie. If a robot has a bar just above their bumpers, and they are 3’ off the ground, would you be able to attatch to them? Or do they have to be the same height as the original bar for most people’s designs?

I feel like the most practical idea, as far as extending a bar, would be to make sure it is at the same height & size and similar location as the original bar.
That way, you only have to design 1 climbing system that is now capable of climbing both the bar, as well as other robots.

Any design that aims to climb on other robots should be able to hook onto the buddy-rung at any height.

We are planning to add hooks to grab our partners from the base chassis, design worked fairly well. [EDITED]

We aren’t currently working on having a spot for another bot to climb, but some early designs we tossed about preferred just having a second bar that extends directly behind our hook as to replicate the original bar.

It’ll likely end up being a bolt-on Week 6 addition.