Capital City Classic 2015 - Registration Open

Teams 1678, 2073 and 3859 are excited to announce the third annual Capital City Classic!

Capital City Classic is an exciting, fun and welcoming event for FRC Teams to kick off their fall with a bang! This year’s event will be held at Davis Senior High School, home of the 2015 World Champion Citrus Circuits! Come enjoy a modified version of Recycle Rush, participate in workshops presented by veteran 1678 mentors and students, and compete to win fantastic awards!

When: Saturday and Sunday, October 24-25, 2015 (plus Friday evening load-in)
Where: Davis Senior High School, Davis, California
Registration: $250 for first robot, $125 for each additional robot (2nd/3rd or pre-rookie team). Scholarships available.
Capacity: 40 teams
Event features:

  • A fun, open, team-friendly environment
  • High Quality Workshops from 1678 (and friends) designed to help take your team to the next level.
  • Room for teams to bring practice robots to either compete with or lend to a pre-rookie team! (at a reduced cost!)
  • Food trucks
  • Blue banners and awesome trophies, including a chance to win the Golden Cheesecake!
  • Rule changes from Chezy Champs that make Recycle Rush the best it can be!

Fill out this registration form. If more than 40 robots are registered, unpaid 2nd/3rd robots will be dropped in order to allow more unique teams to attend.


  • Registration open: Monday, June 15th
  • Registration closed: Sunday, August 14 at 9pm PDT
  • Team list finalized: Sunday, August 21
  • Registration payment due: Tuesday, September 23 at 9pm PDT

We need many volunteers to make Capital City Classic a success! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form.

Email Team 1678:

Woo! I just signed up to volunteer.
I’m excited that Capital City Classic is happening again, and even more excited that it’s going to be in Davis. (Although the name is now not so accurate… just like the Sacramento Regional, I guess.)

Now that’s funny! The Capitol City Classic has been held in Elk Grove for the last 2 years. Not exactly the capital of the state. But close enough!

We’ve been asked by multiple teams if registration is still open for CCC, the answer is YES!

We’ll be keeping registration open until after Chezy Champs for all the teams that want to keep the fun going. You can still register at this link.

Keep an eye out for a detailed schedule and workshop lineup to be posted in the next week or two.

If you’d like to volunteer for CCC, click here and sign up!

Whether its to volunteer, compete, learn from workshops, or all three, we hope to see you at CCC in October!


Is there any chance of any of the workshops being videotaped and uploaded on the Citrus Circuits youtube channel? Specifically strategy/design/scouting/programming? 32 hrs and 2209 miles is kinda far…

If there are any teams that still want to attend, we will work with you!

Fill out the registration form and PM Michael or me and we will make sure you get in.

Elims Alliances:

1.) 1678 - 701 - 751 (W)
2.) 1671 - 8 - 3189 (SF)
3.) 3859 - 2085 - 9671 (F)
4.) 1662 - 3250 - 2073 (SF)
5.) 5458 - 4643 - 5808 (QF)

No declines.

Excellence in Engineering Award: 3250
Innovation in Control Award: 1671
Judges’ Award: 8
Cheesecake Award: 5458

Were the seminars recorded? Any chance that they will get posted on the Citrus Circuits youtube?