Capital City Classic 2019

The below email was just sent to our contact list:

Attention, teams! Registration for Capital City Classic 2019 is now
open! This year’s event will be held October 18-20 at Cosumnes Oaks
High School in Elk Grove, featuring an offseason competition for as many
as 45 robots, plus over 20 workshops providing learning opportunities.
The registration fee is $300, due September 4. Please register at

For more info, go to

the Capital City Classic Planning Committee

Please feel free to post any questions here or email us at




Capital City Classic is nearing capacity. We still have a few slots left, but only a few. If you would like to attend, please apply SOON! Once we are at capacity, we will be adding all additional entrants to a first come first served wait list.

As always, our capacity limit only applies to the competition, not the workshops. Workshops are open to all with no limit and no cost! We do ask that if you want to attend only the workshops, that you fill out the application and check the workshops only option.

Just a quick heads up.

CCC 2019 is relocating a few miles. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, CCC 2019 will be moved from Cosumnes Oaks High School to Pleasant Grove High School. This is a very small move, so no other arrangements need to be changed. Hotels in this area are almost the same distance from both venues, so no changes are needed! All teams already registered and those on the Wait-list will be receiving an official announcement of this change via email within the next few days.

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We’re 10 days away from CCC 2019 Load-In! Main and alternate contacts should be receiving updated information via email. I wanted to share the current CCC 2019 Team List, we’re not expecting many, if any, changes between now and the event! See everyone soon!

Team List

114 - Eagle Strike
199 - Deep Blue
253 - Boba Bots
701 - Robovikes
852 - Athenian Robotics
1072 - Harker Robotics
1280 - The Ragin’ C-Biscuits
1323 - MadTown Robotics
1425 - Error Code Xero
1671 - Buchanan Bird Brains
1678 - Citrus Circuits
1967 - The Janksters
2035 - Robo Rockinbots
2073 - EagleForce
2085 - Robodogs
2135 - Presentation Invasion
2551 - Penguin Empire Robotics
2643 - Dark Matter
2813 - Gear Heads
3189 - Circuit Breakers
3250 - Kennedy Robotics
3598 - SEStematic Eliminators
3859 - Wolfpack Robotics
3925 - Circuit of Life
4123 - Tribe Robotics
4159 - CardinalBotics
4171 - Baybots
4255 - The Robodores
4643 - Butte Built Bots
4698 - Raider Robotics
5274 - Wolverines
5419 - Natural Disasters
5458 - Digital Minds
5496 - RoboKnights
5940 - BREAD
6059 - System Overload Robotics
6174 - Kaprekar’s Constants
6662 - FalconX
6814 - Ellipse
6918 - Napa High Cellar Rats
7419 - Tech Support
7528 - Nuts & Bolts
7667 - OtterBots


thanks @Michael_Corsetto! If our team has recently “rebranded” how do we go about getting the name changed in your registration?

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Send an email to and they will get things sorted out for you!

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Team 841 - Biomechs accepted our waitlist invitation last week and will be there :smiley:

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Why is 1323 listed here, but not on TBA or the match schedule?

Apparently they dropped from the event.

Does anyone have a link to a webcast of the event?


Webcast should be live here:


Will the workshops’ presentations (just the presentations, not the videos) be uploaded to somewhere?