Capping a Stack of Six Totes

At the Lake Superior Regional Team 2052 Knightkrawler was the first in the regional to make a stack of six totes and cap it with an RC.

Lake Superior Regional Video

That’s a solid looking robot! Smart Idea putting the can on its side.

If you don’t mind me asking, whats the exact height?

Good work!

It was cool to get two views of the action at the same time.

Why was the Human Player raising his left hand all the time? Was he signalling the drivers or making sure the referees don’t think he is touching the chute door and the totes at the same time?

Both, by the looks. Gesturing to the drivers or spotter, but it’s obvious he’s nowhere near the tote when the chute door goes up.

I had a similar sort of chat with Code Orange’s HP at Inland Empire–he was so fast, I almost called multiple G6s on him during practice, so I suggested he make it a little more obvious. The next day, I saw: If one hand was up, the chute door was open. If the other hand was up, he had a tote ready to go. Didn’t slow him down much…and I didn’t have to worry about calling him for fouls unless I couldn’t see one hand or the other.

Probably the latter. The largest cause of foul points at my team’s first district (Waterbury) was the chute door.

The referee at our event suggested we make it obvious that his hand was not on the tote and the chute door at the same time. This was the clearest way.

Our robot is 77" tall.

That is what I thought. I saw quite a few penalties called for the HP touching the tote and the chute door at the same time in the Dallas livestream. It reminds me of last year when some of the HP’s passed the ball to the robot then raised their hands above their head so it was obvious they were not extending into the field.

It looked like he was also doing a thumbs up when he had his hand up. I imagine that was, “I’m feeding now” or something to the drivers, but also a very good way to show he wasn’t touching the tote along with the door.