Captioning YouTube Videos

Do you caption your team’s YouTube Videos? I’ve been trying to but our team really only has me to caption YouTube Videos since I’m the only one with access, but since I’m the marketing captain, I also have to work on Chairmans submissions, buttons, the website and other social media, which doesn’t leave much time for captioning. For those who do caption, are there any methods you have found for efficient captioning?

So we’ve noticed that not a ton of teams subtitle their videos, and FIRST doesn’t even subtitle their things, so we’re going to change that.

FireBears Subtitling Initiative is a thing we’re starting to create a community around subtitling FIRST YouTube Videos and accessibility. It’s new, we haven’t done much with it yet so be patient with us, but yeah, if you have time to subtitle, subtitle videos, and if you have videos to subtitle, let us subtitle them.

Happy Superbowl!