Capture movement in axis channel

Is it possible to capture positive or negative movement in, say, the Y axis channel? How?

Example, say I want an elevator to go up. A positive direction in the Y axis on the joystick would be the trigger, and negative would be down. But say I also wanted to get how much the numbers are incrementing or decrementing, and make that how fast or slow the elevator moves up or down, or stays where it is at -say , the middle, for example.

Is any of that possible? If so, how would I go about it?

If you want the elevator to stay where it’s at, you’ll need sensors and a closed-loop controller. Based on your other very similar thread*, I know you don’t have any sensors on your elevator, so this isn’t really an option.

If you want to control the elevator speed (i.e. motor voltage) with a joystick, that is a lot simpler. For help with reading values from a joystick, I highly suggest you read the screensteps docs for Java and C++, or look at the built-in examples for LabVIEW. You should be able to set the motor voltage directly based on the joystick axis value, as both are -1 to 1. You obviously can get a lot more complicated than that without sensors to help your driver get better control, but that’s about the simplest you can get.

*You really shouldn’t double post and should keep the discussion in one thread so everyone sees all of the information (and avoids clutter)