Capturing Nationals Webcast

Dear fellow Non-Atlanta Goers:
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me with capturing all the matches from nationals. The webcast will be done in WMV (or so the nasa site says), so it should be easy to capture this. I only have one machine running, so i can only capture 1 of the divisions. I will be archiving all the matches from archimedes. If anyone would like to lend a helping hand, capture all the qualification matches friday and saturday from the other 3 divisions, then PM me, and I will figure out how to manage all the videos and get them up for people to watch when they get back from Atlanta.

How do you capture? I’d be happy to let my computer run another division, if it’s possible (hey, have to do something to kill the time…)

I’ve discovered that Net Transport is a pretty darn good tool for capturing RealVideo streams. I’m pretty sure it’ll work for capturing WMV as well. The only problem would be that you can’t actually watch the stream at the same time you’re capturing it. But nothing’s perfect. The best part is that you can schedule downloads/captures with it. Linkage:
Net Transport

That being said, I’ll actually be at Nationals, but I think I’ll schedule my computer to grab Curie field while I’m gone.

My fileserver runs Linux, any apps to capture the stream for Linux?

I remember SOAP mentioning something about having matches archived like within several minutes of the end of matches. You might check this out before you invest too many resources to trying to capturing it.

I’d try this link:

You can check and make sure they are doing all the division. I don’t know.

don’t worry about it - we will capture everything - we probably will only archive the eliminations - I beleive SOAP will be here to archive all the qualifiers, not sure how they will be distributed.

I can volunteer one or two computers, if need be.

Is there any way for endusers to save the RealMedia broadcasts to our computer?

Ok so here’s what I’ve figured out. Download Net Transport from the link above and install. go to this website:

Nasa Webcasts

Right click on you choice of real media, preferably High. save the .ram link to your desktop.

Go back into Net Transport, go to File/Import, change the file type at the bottom to “all files”. Find the Real PLayer file that you saved and click on it. Click “ok” in the box that opens, and you are downloading.

Easy as that.

PS: you can download using Net Transport and watch the webcast through windows media at the same time, so sign me up for a division for friday and saturday.

Me again. Just some stats. I downloaded a few minutes of practice matches to see how it came out. It is the same quality as the webcast.

The video ends up being 1.1 meg per minute. there is 9 hours of matches friday. 9x60=540 minutes total. So were looking at about 600+ meg for friday.

Let me know if you can capture any of the divisions tomorrow. It would be nice to have two or three people on each division just in case something goes wrong with one of them.

Very impressive effort by all us non atlanta goers but soap got it covered i believe and there not gonna mess up cuz there good and i think they were gonna up load matches few seconds after they happend on there server i dunno if its the circuit runners or direct soap and it all should be done sometimes after the weekend. so patience is key

for those that are planing to record u should be aware that its is 600+ megs and thats alot of video also if they plan to split the video down by matches thats gonna be a boring time and then if u do it in rm format youll need a program that can split and and edit rm files unless u conver it “RM CONVERTER” can do that just look for it at places like also if u type in search engine u can find Streambox VCR which is like Net transport i dunno which one is better both can handle asf wmv and rm files.

also the high bandwidth streams for windows media looks pretty good full screen so if u have graphics card with a s video out or a/v cable out u can stick it to a good VCR and record the matches directly to VHS which isnt bad it does save u on the hard drive load and wont be effected by your computers preformance.

Good luck to all but ima just watch id proably try but i dont have the bandwdith :frowning: dial up… grrs!!


i’ll get archimedes for friday and saturday

also, should i capture the WMV or RM? Either way it would be high bandwith.

I tried capturing in WMV but it didn’t work so well for me so I’m doing RM. Use whichever works best for you.

I can not promise anything, but I will try to get as much as possible of the Galileo division today (Thursday) on VHS. I guess how much really depends on when I wake up. :wink:

The other posts are correct- SOAP is digitizing and uploading to our website asap. Even better news is that the Arc, Cur, and New divisions movie files are only about 6MB. That’s over 50% smaller than in previous years, with roughly the same quality.

Matches from Galileo will be about 14MB due to a higher resolution (640x480).

Einstein’s activities (cmp) such as the robot parade and opening ceremony are also being uploaded now.

Click the MOVIES link on

p.s. If you notice any issues, pls post here. One that I know of off the top of my head is we missed Archimedes Match 10.

KA-108 :cool:

Did anyone have trouble with the webcast towards the end? Mine got really choppy.

You’re not alone. This morning till about noon I was running 2 at the same time. When I came back after 3:45pm I couldn’t even run 1. My friend was also having the same problem, and I noticed that my rate was about 90kbps (if that).

I was capturing all 4 and all 4 of them got messed up at the same time. so I have about 12 hours of bad footage on my computer now.

Now I have a question. Watching the webcast and Recording it would briing forth 2 different qualities of what your seeing right. I’m asking b/c The Curie Division had very poor webcasts on both RM High and Low Bandwidth and WMV!

The quality was about the same when I was watching and what I taped.