Car enthusiasts will laugh at this...

for any people who are car nuts like me out there, here’s something i made to give you a few laughs…




Reminds me of the first time I drove a proper SUV–I was in my teens and driving a relative’s 4Runner down the back roads of Edneyville, North Carolina. Having driven nothing but tiny Hondas until then, every curve was me scared that I’d roll it!

(In the time since, and with the benefit of employment at a car dealership, I’ve grown much more familiar with what a given vehicle can actually do.)

That sounds like fun, actually.

Knowing how diesels (which you can only presume a bus that size would be) run, I’d like to find a junker transit bus to try that on before I tried it in a motorhome that fancy!

Diesels? U should get one and convert it to run on vegetable oil.

That is pretty awesome.

I like for some funny reading.

Redefining “fast food”

I drive a car at about 70 MPH on that exact track location. A long time ago. It was eerie.

For the benefit of those that don’t recognize it–where is this?

yes, acutally i would like to know. that way i can go sneak my dad’s '98 mustang gt onto it. :wink:

jk my dad would kill me

I see your Mustang GT and raise you the Cadillac CTS-V coupe that’s sitting on my employer’s lot, a key checkout and a dealer tag away. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I also kid. I think wrecking a $70,000 car–which I invariably would–is NOT what they meant by “going out with a bang”…)


Try this link (Ain’t the Interweb cool?)

Oh, and of course there’s a typo in my original message - it should say that I DROVE a car…

aha! I was right! It IS in Germany!

Guess I was accurate in making that picture.