Car nack 2014?

Will the great Car nack make any predictions this year? He has been quiet so far. I would love to hear his predictions for 2014.

I’ve been wondering this too, by this late into the build season Car Nack normally would’ve made 2-3 predictions.

The great Car Nack has (if I am correct) retired from FIRST. Although, he did come back to make predictions last year, so you never know, he might do so again this year (But I doubt it, due to his lack of presence on CD this year.)

What about looking forward?

He should be back.

I miss the almighty Car Nack. Hopefully he returns this season even if for only one prediction

Have patience. It takes the great Car Nack time to navigate his camel across the Endless Sands. In due time, I am sure he will eventually arrive.

Like a wizard, Car Nack is never late. He always arrives precisely when he meets you.

Though I must admit, I am looking forward to seeing what gems of insight Car Nack has for us this year.

I too hope that the great, all knowing Car Nack can navigate the endless sands successfully and grace us yet again with his wisdom. I’d also like to thank him for introducing me to some hilarious Johnny Carson segments from way before my time.

He was later in his prediction last year as well. I await the wisdom he will bestow upon us with great anticipation!

Not trying to be rude but he seemed to be less correct these last few years. As he seemed to become less involved with first. I may be wrong and this id just my opinion but his correct predictions were super general. Perhaps it is time to crown a new oracle.


Blasphemy! The great Car Nack will strike your house with his fury!

[Edit]: Darn, dodar beat me to it…

Great Car Nack has no equal.

However, in a pinch, his long-time follower Kar Thack might fill in.:rolleyes:

Ugh, do I have to?


We love you, of course you have to come back.

What if she doesn’t want to?

I think the new Car Nack should be named Car Jack.

So until he (she?) comes back, does anybody have some Car Nack style predictions?