Car nack 2014?

Andy Baker puts mecanum wheels on his robot … and wins champs anyway. :rolleyes:

Ok I will bite Which team did this? And my comment were for this game.

Andy Baker’s team. I understand that this year, Andy Baker’s robot can acquire the ball from the Human Player, throw it over the Truss and catch it itself, and score in the high goal, all in approximately 4.5 seconds. The rest of the alliance? Trying to slow down Andy Baker’s robot so it can actually be seen.

Last year, Andy Baker’s robot could shoot every white frisbee into the high goal in roughly 2 minutes, then dump all 6 colored frisbees into the pyramid goal (and yes, it did take two trips) while scoring the 30 point climb bonus AND hauling its partners up with it for an extra 60 points. How, you ask? It was Andy Baker’s robot.

(… and sometimes they just jump into the boat. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Andy Baker is Chuck Norris

Sticks and stones may break your bones but Andy Baker robots will beat you

254 has shown me 14 years and counting, that you can be successful with a WCD no matter what game is presented. I’d be shocked to see them do a swerve this year. Much like 1717 NOT doing a swerve.

Anything that moves sideways is a waste of time.


Why do you consider “career defense” and assists to be mutually exclusive?

You can specialize in defense and never “complete” a cycle, but if defense is ALL you do, you are costing your alliance 20 points per cycle. Defense specialists will need to take frequent (hopefully) pauses from playing defense to handle their own alliance ball. By the same token, offense specialists will find themselves needing to play a lot of defense.

Who says you need to “pause” playing defense to handle your alliance’s ball?



Also from 254:


Hmm… :wink:

Somebody’s been getting into the Tumbleweed lately… :rolleyes:

I know these are 148’s swerve (even though it’s not sheet metal:D ), but how were these made? A solid block of aluminum? If so, that’s awesome :cool:

Guys, these are clearly not 254’s. I mean come on, they’re not even slightly blue. :stuck_out_tongue:

I predict that atleast 1 person is going to get hit by a ball scored through the goal week 1.

I also predict that FRC will eventually put nets up behind the goals of some sort to protect innocent viewers.

We were both right! Although I would never have guessed that 1114 would be the goalie.

Other prediction hindsights:

Truss catching was undervalued and never really caught on.
Human Player utilization was HUGE!
The Build Blitz/Ri3D/TBD pickups were fine and were used by a majority of (good) teams.
The 1114 design worked fine, and was used again by 1114 and MANY other successful teams.
Swerve still hasn’t won Einstein yet?
Shooting could be worked around at district/regional matches, but your alliance had to shoot 10’s to win the event.
Defense WAS everybody’s part time job/not their career.
FIRST never put nets up to stop the balls from hitting people.

What else did I miss.

111 09
148 08
67 05

Others maybe?