Car Nack Prdicts 2010-3

Car Nack Predicts 2010-3

  1. An alliance scoring all six balls during the autonomous period will occur this FRC season.

Car Nack has spoken.

I agree with the mighty Car Nack (but we might have to wait until IRI to see it)

Assuming it’s true (and I am already on record saying that the smart money bets with Car Nack not against him), what would the score of the game end up? You’d think it would be high but maybe not because it will take time for the balls to get back into play plus the other team will be playing defense (if it was an elimination game).

And speaking of elimination games, once they got the lead in autonomous (I am assuming that all 12 balls wouldn’t be scored in autonomous … though you never know what will happen on Einstein), would they sit on it or keep pounding in the goals?

I wonder…

Joe J.

and one of those balls will be fumbled during the return process as teams are trying to get to their controls

Who knows better than Car Knack?

In 2007 it took until IRI to get a 6 keeper match, but this should happen sooner. I believe it can happen but predict there will be a lot of close calls where a flukey bounce prevents the last shot from going in.

The other thing I see possibly happening is the robot in the close zone staying out of the way of the other 2 robots while they kick. That way their robot or the ball they are kicking in does not get in the way of one of the balls from the further distances. Then within a second or 2 of Tele op, the ball will be put in.

Then again if the close one can get the ball in while quick enough so the first shot from the long position is still in the air you wont have to worry about that.

Well, in 2007 defense was allowed, and (if I remember correctly) the rack moved around a lot. With this game, everything is in a fixed location, so I think a 6 score in auto is not unrealistic. At least, at IRI.

If 6 don’t make it in in auto, 4 or 5 will have made it in by the first few seconds of teleop in high level play.

what happened to -2?

-1 contained predictions 1 and 2

tanks, I digested the second one so well that I forgot the first.

Note that it IS theoretically possible for MORE than 6 balls be scored by one alliance this season during autonomous.

Reasoning: Assume all three UberAlliance bots (or at least the Goalie Bot) can find ANY balls located in their zone with their CAMERA, and have programs that simply state to “forward them, or if I am the Goalie score it”. (Also assume they are all smart enough NOT to cross the line.)

Next, assume the other alliance “fumbles” at least one ball, and it rolls into this alliance’s side.

If an UberAlliance robot can detect a mishandled opposing alliance ball on their side, it simply becomes another ball to forward into their goal. Hence, it MAY happen that MORE than six balls COULD be scored during autonomous… Sure, it is a VERY slim chance, but it COULD happen.

Note that you may actually only need ONE Bot to have "If-I-See-It-I-Can-Score-It capacity, if the fumble occurs to IT. The others simply need to be able to either score THEIR balls, or get their balls NEAR it in its sight, with enough time left over for it to react.

This scenario is most likely to occur if the Goalie Bot (the one closest to their own goal) is the one with the Super-Vision programming, and the fumble happens with the opposing alliance’s Back Bot. This configuration is best to play with anyway, because it can help even marginal partners score. (They only need to get their balls TO the Smart Goalie.)

… I would LOVE to see this happen (or at least a YouTube of it)…

  • Keith

There is a secondary way that this could happen. Since ball return timing is active during autonomous (blue note under <G49>), there should be balls re-entering the field during autonomous if the first ball is scored in the first four seconds of autonomous. It is theoretically possible for the UberAlliance midfielder to get into position to deflect a ball as it falls off the return without completely crossing the line, although it would be a very risky move :eek:. After which, one of the UberAlliance bots might be able to score it depending on where it lands.

Any alliance that can do that successfully during autonomous deserves a standing ovation.

The ball won’t make it all the way down the ball chute in time for it to be scored again.

At least one autonomous mode I’m working on has the potential to score more than 3 balls.

Car Nack didnt say it was going to be for their OWN alliance… there is the theoretical strategy that the alliances are going for the super-tie and will just turn and score for their opponent… if all 4 corner robots just shot at the closest corner goals, the teams would have the highest possible start to the game… I think scoring the center two balls is going to obviously be the hardest… In fact Im not certain this is a very simple prediction, and I doubt we will see it until championships or very late regionals at the VERY best…

I was wondering that too.