Car Nack Predicts 01/07

A member of the winning Champion alliance will have competed in the 1997 game.

Car Nack has spoken.

Oh great and wise Car Nack,

Would you be willing to extend that prediction to say the winning alliance will contain the winner of the 1997 competition? After all, the 5 from the hint has to mean more than just the front of one spider leg. :wink:

Gotta agree with Billfred on this one. They are the masters, but of course the drivers of those teams are not here so it will be a bit more difficult but as long as the mentors are still there those finalists have it made in the shade because they know, technically, what it takes to get the job done.


I don’t see 71 winning this game. FIRST straight up outlawed Beatty Ball this year. You can only hold one game object. :wink:

Anyone have a report of what teams from 1997 are competing this year???

what if you were too young to be on a team then? does observing the game really really carefully count?


207, 294, and 330 all competed as one team back then. Should one of the latter two win, it would be the second time for a Championship win.

84, 222, and 284 all competed as one team, too.

According to FIRSTWiki these are the teams in FIRST from 1997 back to 1992:
1 (The Juggernauts)
7 (Team007 Parkville Robotics)
8 (Paly Robotics)
11 (MORT)
16 (Baxter Bomb Squad)
20 (The Rocketeers)
22 (Double Deuce)
25 (Raider Robotix)
27 (Team Rush)
28 (Mission Impossible)
31 (Prime Movers)
33 (Killer Bees)
34 (Rocket City Robotics)
35 (Sigma Squared)
41 (Robo-Warriors)
42 (P.A.R.T.S. (Precision Alvirne Robotics Team Systems))
45 (TechnoKats Robotics Team)
47 (Chief Delphi)
56 (Robbe Xtreme)
58 (Riot Crew)
60 (Bionic Bulldogs)
61 (Intimidators)
63 (The Red Barons)
65 (The Huskie Brigade)
67 (The HOT Team)
71 (Team Hammond)
73 (Visioneers)
74 (Haworth/MagnaDon,HHS)
75 (RoboRaiders)
80 (Robocolt)
81 (MetalHeads)
85 (B.O.B. (Built on Brains))
86 (Team Resistance)
87 (Red Devils)
88 (TJ² (TJ squared))
92 (RoboPats)
93 (N.E.W. Apple Corps)
95 (The Grasshoppers)
96 (LEGO Maniacs)
97 (Team Muscles)
100 (WHS/CHS Robotics)
101 (Striker)
103 (Cybersonics)
107 (Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.)
108 (SigmaC@T)
111 (WildStang)
114 (Eagle Strike)
116 (Epsilon Delta)
118 (Robonauts)
120 (Scarabian Knights)
121 (Rhode Warriors)
122 (NASA Knights)
123 (Team - Cosmos)
126 (Gael Force)
128 (The Botcats)
131 (C.H.A.O.S.)
133 (B.E.R.T)
134 (Team Discovery)
136 (Killer Kardinals)
138 (Entropy)
140 (Tigers)
141 (WO-BOT)
145 (T-Rx)
147 (Deep Thunder)
148 (Robowranglers)
151 (Tough Techs)
155 (The Technonuts)
157 (AZTECHS 157)
158 (Cobras)
166 (Chop Shop)
171 (Hard Core Engineers)
172 (Northern Force)
173 (R.A.G.E. (Robotics & Gadget Engineering))
175 (Buzz Robotics)
176 (Aces High)
177 (Bobcat Robotics)
178 (Enforcers)
190 (Gompei and the H.E.R.D)
191 (The X-Cats)
192 (GRT (Gunn Robotics Team))

Looking at this list of teams this prediction isn’t all that earth shattering as much as it is expected. These teams are always in the conversation as major players in the championship equation.

Team 47 was a finalist, lost the third match to Team 71.

BTW we still have the robot from that year - very non-technical in many respects. We have every (11) robot on a rack in our competition room. All robots are 100% complete, however, due to age none will actuall run.

The game has many different aspects this year.

I will forgive Lil’ Lavery because he is perhaps too young to know better, but he is just wrong to say that Beatty Ball circa 1997 is outlawed.

Yes, Beatty 1997 had a killer opening move that put 3-on-the-Tree in under 20 seconds BUT… …they were a DEVASTATING one at a time tube placer. They were unbelievable! Really. Domination is not too strong a word.

Joe J.

I think it will be more accurate to say a team with someone who competed in 1997 will be on the Championship alliance. The teams Koko Ed listed are not exact replicas of their 1997 selves - these people are scattered all over the organization.

But, as Ed said, these are all very strong teams that normally come up in Championship discussion, so this is not terribly earth-shattering. In the end, anyone who competed in 1997 will have a distinct advantage.


I know, I was just jesting. If IRI 2006 taught me one thing it was to never, ever, ever doubt Beatty.

I’d agree with that. 116 has only one person still associated with us that was on the team in 1997 (my father). Coincidentally we found some funny photos of that (much younger) individual from 1997. :wink:

How about if one of your mentors drove your 97 bot? :ahh:

No kidding… I’m sure there’s a few of us around here… :wink:

I’d agree with that. 116 has only one person still associated with us that was on the team in 1997 (my father). Coincidentally we found some funny photos of that (much younger) individual from 1997. :wink:

You must share.

i have some great video clips of Dean and Woodie from 92. Working on getting a video capture card to bring them to digital.

Its ironic that our team has very little record of our 1997 season.

Ken is the onlyone on our team left that was there from the start. When he seen the game at kickoff he screamed “1997”. I cant wait to see everyone robots

Good prediction! How about two members of the winning alliance?

Also interesting that 177 faced off against 71 in the 1997 semi-finals…