Car Nack Predicts 12-2

Car Nack Predicts 12-2

There will be a number of matches where an alliance will receive more points from penalties than scored field goal points.

Car Nack has spoken.


O Great and Wise Car Nack…

'Ya think?

Given the new foul structure this year compared to penalties in the past, this does not shock me on the regional/district level (especially in qualification matches). I would expect more, however, of the Championship and IRI.


I can see that

I would predict that during qualifications at a regional that an alliance will win a match without scoring any points.


This seems obvious, and is one of the things troubling me in this game. As we work out alliance strategies for qualification matches it’s been frequently suggested to put our least capable scorer in a defensive role. If they are also poor drivers then they are almost better off sitting still than risking penalties. It might be good to give your alliance mates a color coded floor print to denote areas in which it is safe to engage the opponent, versus areas where you might be baited into a penalty. One bad alliance member can sabatoge an alliance.

As they say in the medical community, “Primum non nocere.”

Perhaps in a new thread we should list things a toaster on wheels can do to help an alliance without risking penalties.

Seems like a reasonable prediction. It would make some of the matches more interesting though. Racking up points from fouls would look better on the scoreboard than a 0-0 tie.

I have to go with Car Nack on this one…

…and I might even try to predict which penalty accounts for most of the points. [G28]–it’ll be far too easy to collect those fouls, and my guess is that it’ll be as common as 2008’s <G22> penalty (line crossing).

I agree with Indy Sam: Duhhh.

Sorry, but this prediction is not all that challenging, you have to step it up more. :stuck_out_tongue:

2010 was the worst year that I remember. In week 1 the few balls that teams scored would get negated by the penalties from balls rolling underneath the robots.

I would go as far to say that there will be matches in which the only points given are penalties, particularly Week 1 qualification matches.

This seems likely to me, but it’s too bad… It’s not that hard to avoid penalties, if you’re interested in avoiding penalties!

Yeah, I definitely agree with both you and Car Nack… Perhaps not quite as a G22, but still, these’ll be called a lot, I think!

I long for the days when Car Nack used to make the tough calls, and call predictions that no one else saw coming (and then always be right about them!).

Disagreeing with this one would be about as smart as buying marriage insurance for Newt Gingrich.



It may be blasphemous to say, but I’m going to do it.

Car Nack is completely wrong.

Don’t you remember kickoff, they specifically said no more penalties… and they meant it!

So they renamed them fouls and made them so likely to occur that both alliances can give each other a “foul” at the same time. This really is a very ridiculous part of this game and I think its a fair assumption this will make 2010 look like a good game for fouls. At least they eliminated 0 - 0 matches, but I think that some of, if not the highest scores this year will be because an Alliance just racks the fouls up, it’s that easy to do.

It’s very easy to do, but it’s awfully easy to avoid, too. Don’t go anywhere near your opponent’s key, bridge, or alley when there is an opponent nearby.

Based on the available twitter data through week 7, there were 474 matches (out of 6154) where a team earned more points through penalties then all other sources (teleop, hybrid, or bridge). There were 1317 matches where there were more penalties then teleop points.

There were 12 matches with 30 or more penalty points, with the most being 66 at SWM match 82

Based on the available twitter data through week 7, this happened 51 times.