Car Nack Predicts 12-3

Car Nack predicts 12-3

During the FRC season there will never be a match where all six robots will be balanced on a bridge.

Car Nack has spoken.

I believe that the great Car Nack will be proven wrong, possibly during week 1.

I think there will be. Especially in qualification matches. Two on each bridge wont be terribly difficult.

I think you can book that one.

Car Nack was proven wrong last year in saying there would never be six logos. I say that he is wrong on this prediction. Wise Car Nack, give us more wise predictions.

Are you assuming his use of “a” bridge implies the singular?

Because it seems quite plausible that at somewhere like MSC with lots of good robots you could get 2-2-2 during quals.

“A bridge” = “Any bridge”. At least that’s how I interpret it.


I would also have to disagree with this statement assuming the wise Car Nack means any combination on all three bridges.

The prediction would be more likely if it refers to three robots on each alliance’s bridge.

First off I wouldn’t consider the MSC part of the regular season. Chances are having 6 robots able to climb ramps to start with and then be able to coordinate to achieve such a feet are almost nill.

First off I wouldn’t consider the MSC part of the regular season. Chances are having 6 robots able to climb ramps to start with and then be able to coordinate to achieve such a feet are almost nill.

Wouldn’t a lot of robots that are able to drive be able to climb a ramp? As a lot of videos have shown, one robot doesn’t even need a bridge manipulator to climb a ramp as long as the other robot trying to climb with it does. So I would say the chances of six robots (especially at some of the stronger regionals/district events) being able to climb the ramp is pretty high. Now whether or not they try to is a different question.

I disagree with Car Nack on this one. I think it’ll happen a few times.

I too disagree. Most of the successful robots will be able to traverse the bridge, and in the end of the match there will be nothing better to do, unless it is a really close game where getting coopertition points is not worth being unable to score. It’ll probably happen a few times at most of the regionals; I’ll be watching Long Beach.

MSC? Help me out here. Is this like an IRI only west of the Rockies?

I don’t know about Car Nack’s prediction but I can tell you that perhaps his thinking not that it is not possible but that the motivation may not be what many people think. For example if Alliance 1 and Alliance 4 both won in round 1 of the elims, by balancing 3 each against opponents that did not balance 3. Then each alliance knows when they meet in that the other can get 40 points – but it in this case, neither team will choose to do so because they know that if they do, the other team will do… …so why not keep scoring in the baskets instead?

Joe J.

MSC = Michigan State Championship

Michigan State Championship. It’s the tournament that helps rank the Michigan teams for the purposes of qualifying for the FIRST Championship and it takes place after all of the Michigan District events.

MSC = Michigan State Championship, which has featured quite a high level of play these past few years.

As for Car Nack’s prediction, I will be surprised to see 6 robots on 2 bridges. However, I’d wager that 6 on 3 will occur in qualifications at at least 1/4th of regionals, and fairly regularly at the Michigan State Championship, MAR championship, St. Louis, etc.

Because it takes time to setup and balance 3 robots. If you plan to do a 2-balance and keep the remaining robot scoring, it better be a superstar basket scorer with plenty of available balls. Can any single robot make up 20 points in hoops in the time it takes 3 robots to coordinate a balance? I doubt it.

It’s like hanging in 2010: sure in some matches you can score the 2 extra points with soccer balls, but in most matches you won’t even have 2 balls available to score in the final seconds.

Man! I guy moves to New England and he forgets his roots.

How could I have forgotten Michigan State Championships?

I’m an idiot.

Joe J.

The best part about Car Nack is trying really, really hard to prove him wrong. :slight_smile: