Car Nack Predicts 13-2

Car Nack Predicts 13-2

Unfortunately there will be injuries (hopefully minor) involved with the climbing robots.

Car Nack has spoken.

I’m hopeful robots will be taking the brunt of the major injuries involved in climbing.

I’m (can’t believe I’m saying this) hoping that the injuries are purely robot related and that nobody has a robot fall on them. Whether the field crew would be able to stop me from jumping the rail if it was our robot falling is a different story…:rolleyes:

I sincerely hope your prediction proves incorrect but I fear you are now 2 for 2…

Climbing implies that only robots will be injured. That’s great for us humans.

If anyone was around in 2004 they will remember some pretty nasty falls from the bar. I think we’ll see a robot or two this season who will not be able to finish a competition due to a hard fall.

Hmmm, after reading Carnack’s post and thinking about it, would a team that has its robot fall off the pyramid be penalized if it breaks the field on the way down?

Is there a worse penalty than having your robot destroyed?

No there isn’t, but it was just a thought that came into my head. it would be bad to add insult to injury but a penalty is a penalty; that’s why I was asking.

I distinctly remember a match from that year where 64 winched up as high as they could and then dropped. It was enough force to crack the lexan on the the platform and the Arizona regional was delayed for 20 or 30 minutes repairing it. I can’t find video of it but it should be a must watch for teams serious about climbing about what to prepare for.

Getting your alliance a red card during eliminations from:

Breaking the field.
Leaving (broken) pieces of the robot on the field.
Unsafe robot operation.

Too bad we won’t get to see something like ^ happen this year… (well I suppose you could happen to two teams on the same alliance).

I have a feeling that gym floors will be damaged too.

At least the Red Card dissolves itself at the end of the competition. With a destroyed robot, a team has nothing left to show for the season, even to sponsors. That’s pretty bad.

I think that this year will have a much larger amount of replacement robots called in during elims than previous. I’m going to be busy in the pits, and all of a sudden we will hear a huge groan from the stands, look up on the jumbotron, and see a fallen robot.

Climbing is dangerous and exponentially harder the further you go.

That is such a beastly video.

On a more serious note, there very well could be a problem with robots having other robots falling on them. Hooks on a climbing robot fail, and it falls from 2 feet onto the robot that was defending against it seconds ago (or a same alliance robot). Both robots could easily be out for the competition.