Car Nack Predicts 16-2

Car Nack Predicts

You will see a change in the defense selection procedure before the Championship.

Car Nack has spoken.

10th defense only confirmed

That’s a bit vague.
But it has been spoken… so it shall be.

Took you this long to figure this out? ::rtm::


O Great And Wise Car Nack,

You must be a Defense Coordinator too.


Doing This Job In 49.01 Hours And Still Don’t Know What I’m Doing

I bet audience selection will be removed for DCMP and CMP, and instead will be randomly selected, with a coin toss or dice roll or something. It is simply too loud at those events (especially with multiple fields going on at once) for audience selection to have any practicality.

We tiny teams aren’t terribly thrilled by the process, I can tell you that.

Alternate interpretation: Teams will value different traits in their defenses going into higher levels of competition. Teams will pick obstacles that are difficult for weaker competitors to cross at regionals/districts, but the loss of visibility or interference with autonomous will be valued more highly in DCMP and CMP.

That was quick - Portcullis was just declared a constant at Palmetto until further notice because the Chavel de Frise was broken 3 times in 8 matches.

I bet very few people saw this coming so quickly. It happened Friday morning of the first regional of the season.


Car Nack was correct.

This already kind of happened at Palmetto. The Portcullis was automatically selected as the Category A defense from Match 9 through Match 25 since all of the spare Cheval de Frises were broken.