Car Nack Predicts 2010-4

Car Nack Predicts

  1. Although Breakaway appears to be a low scoring game, there will be some matches when an alliance will score 20 or greater points. This will be an extremely rare event. There will never be a 30 point alliance score.

Car Nack has spoken.

The only way there would be a 30 point score is with two robots hanging off of another robot after beating to death an alliance with three robots that are not moving so they can’t get in their way.

In all of your great wisdom Car Nack, I must respectfully disagree with this prediction. 30 points WILL be achieved.

Let the games begin!

A 30 point match is improbable even with a 3v0 alliance with no opposition who doesn’t care about Coopertition Points.

Some assumptions about the alliance.

All 3 robots hang for 6 points in the last 15 seconds of the match. No more scoring here.

All 3 robots have perfect auto modes (6 point autonomous).

Assuming ideal human player coordination, one ball can get through the gate up top around every 7 seconds. 5 more seconds for each ball to roll down (all conservative estimates here).

In teleop, let’s say the robots score the other 6 balls in 15 more seconds. In the two minutes of teleop, here’s how the balls get back to the field.


That’s 8 more balls on the field for the rest of the match. 12 points + if all 8 balls get scored as soon as they return to the field + 6 points hanging (going with Car Nack’s no dual suspension prediction) is only 26 points.

30 points isn’t happening.

I also agree with the great Car Nack. Matches with greater than 20 points will be rare or non-existent outside of finals matches.

High scores will be happening in elims and rarely in qualifying.

With 0 points scored in autonomous and no hanging robots our alliance at Cass Tech, 217, 469 and 2960, were able to score 26 points using 7 of the 12 balls on the field. This is with one robot doing nothing but defense against the other teams robot in our home zone. If 217 and 469 would have had a perfect auton we would have gotten 30. Our alliance did have a near perfect auton in an earlier match, 5 balls in auton, but that was in the quarter finals.

I believe that 30 points will be broken this year.

If 469 can continue to implement their strategy (GDC doesn’t limit them somehow), I predict them playing on Einstein and a match including them reaching 35 points. Given what happened at Cass Tech, I’m willing to make this post on Delphi without feeling like an utter fool. Eager to see them play in Atlanta!

Einstein and a 35-point match will probably be mutually exclusive. Unless God strikes 3 robots dead at once, that is.

Eh… They had possibly the best conventional robot in FRC on their side. I don’t think they’ll find better partners at Champs; only better opponents.

The limiting factor is the human players. The robots really can’t cycle the balls all that much faster than they did during the 25 and 26 pt matches. Maybe a few balls more per match but I doubt it gets much higher.

Sorry, my comment was rather unclear - I think that 469 will both compete on Einstein and score a 35 point match; however, I really doubt that these will happen at the same time! I do understand that to score 35 points necessitates scoring a ball every 4 seconds for the entire match, assuming you get 5 points in auto or through hanging on the tower. This means that the single Trident-wielder needs to be putting a ball up at an average rate of one ball every 4 seconds - a truly incredible rate, particularly to sustain for over 2 minutes! So, yes, I do understand how bold my statement was… To be honest, though, I don’t see the point in making a “prediction” unless it’s a little controversial! For example, predicting a 30 point match hardly seems hard to believe, after 469’s astounding “marble run!”

It’s only week 2… I’m sure there are at least a few other ball redirecting robots we haven’t seen yet.

Are we foreshadowing something???

And if (but being a Car Nack prediction isn’t it when?) this happens the human player play would have to be as impressive as the actual feat itself, i’d have to imagine.

I predict week 4 :rolleyes:

Yah, where is the 254 bot? No video or even a picture! :wink:

I agree with Nathan. I can see 469 getting a 35 point match at champs if they are in a 6v0 match and all robots work hard to get the balls in cycle and stay out of the way. And I do see them on Einstein.

Predicting robots to get on Einstein is not bad in week 2. By now, most good robots have made a debut whether on youtube or a regional and we are not saying, “Well we might as well hand over the trophy because they are going to win!”. Predictions are different from facts. Anything can happen and everything will happen between now and Atlanta. So 469 has a very good chance of making it to Einstein, but we aren’t asking for the trophy to be handed over.

Week 4 … Boston?!? Akash, you said you were making changes, but I didn’t expect this!


I know Tom will be laughing at this post when he reads it.

All I was trying to say is that there’s tons of teams who haven’t competed yet. The ball catcher isn’t exceptionally difficult to build, so its within reason that we could see a few more of these.

I’m not saying 469’s robot isn’t wonderful (because it is). I just try not to count my chicks before they hatch.

There are two main reasons to not predict in week 2.

The number two reason is that strange new strategies or countermeasures may pop up, like the “A-Bomb”.

The number one reason is that Beatty has not fielded a robot yet.

The 254 robot has both 469 style shoots and a 217 style kicker. It dominates as usual. I believe they scored well over 37 points at their scrimmage… alone! :eek:

It also has a claw that can be used to forcibly grab alliance partners and lift them into the air for 3 pt bonuses.

…and it flys.