Car Nack Predicts 2011-3

Car Nack Predicts

  1. An alliance placing three Ubertubes on the top row will be a relatively rare occurrence. In fact it will not occur at some of the regional/district competitions.

Car Nack has spoken

If you take into account both sides of the scoring racks: 3+0 I dont think we will ever see that combo, but 2+1/1+2 I can see happening in the eliminations in probably 75% of regionals.

On the top row? I think that will be common as autonomous tubes were during the 2007 season. I would go further and state you won’t see that in 75% of Einstein’s matches.

Im not saying in each match, im saying that in atleast 1 match in the eliminations in 75% of regionals you will see the 2+1/1+2 combo on the top row.

I think we’ll see it, but as Car Nack said, only in champs, and it’s going to be a let’s do it just so it was done kinda thing. (ex: suspension last year )

Actually, I think it would be quite the opposite. Suspension last year wasnt as high a bonus as scoring 3 high ubertubes is. Each tube is 6 points plus it doubles the tubes put on top of them. Suspension was only 2 points more than hanging, so this wont be a fad like suspension, it would be a gameplan.

I highly doubt that, even in finals of most regionals. Consider how many teams may not have the capability to reach the top row, let alone write a successful autonomous mode to execute it.

Except 3 Ubertubes will be incredibly dominant.

Autonomous is much easier this year then in 2007, first of all the rack is stationary, in 2007 the scoring pegs moved and the rack was moved before the start of autonomous. And you are not aiming at a light with a camera that refused to work after small lighting changes. This year all you really need is line following and sensor to tell you how far away from the wall you are. I bet some teams will have successful autonomous by just dead reckoning it.

This point will define how you think the game will be played. this year the high peg is higher than it was in 2007. I think ubers on the high peg will be very hard to get.

A wise coach once told me during our rookie year (2007): if there was ever a game like 2007 again, the key to winning would be a simple scoring mechanism and going for the highest bonus. That is what I am pushing my team towards this year.

Considering that a great deal of 2007’s top-row placement designs simply do not work in 2011, I’ll have to agree with this one. The bumper perimeter precludes any sort of open front, single-joint design that worked so well in 2007. Thus, teams wishing to get to the top will have to add a layer of complexity (compound lift system or 2-joint arm).

I think that in every single Einstein match there will be 3 Ubertubes on the top row of one or both alliances.

We’re actually doing a double extension arm, which is very close to our bot for the Tetra game (don’t remember year, wasn’t around Robotics then). And as someone else said in the thread, we’re probably going to dead reckoning it, because, well, that’s more of a programming challenge then letting a sensor do it ::rtm::

Open front maybe, but single joint definitely not. It’s very possible to build a stupidly simple arm this year. It’s how Shaker plans to score reliably in autonomous.

I am going to say that we may never see 3 ubertubes on the top rack because why double another piece on one row when you can double the second row. I’m going to say that Einstein will have a lot of 2 on the top and one in the middle autos.

Ubertubes double peg scores, not row scores.

The net effect on your score is greater if all 3 are on the top - and if they’re in the same row you only need one logo to get the “full bonus”.

Personally on Einstein I think you’ll see 2 top, and maybe one somewhere else. 3 top won’t be a guarantee but will be a goal for at least half the alliances. (The other half will have passers not capable of scoring on top)

Gosh I knew I had something messed up with the scoring! And I’m telling our kids to read the rules! :wink:

I had the same thought, my reasoning behind it was because of the tracking lines on the floor. Two of them go straight into the scoring rack but one splits into a Y

How many teams will make bots that can hang tubes at an angle?

Unless they just don’t follow the line at all…