Car Nack Predicts #3-09

Car Nack Predicts

The scoring of Moon Rocks by a robot during the autonomous period will be a relatively rare event. In fact there will be some regionals where no robot scored points will occur during the autonomous period.

Car Nack has spoken

That sounds pretty true, we’ll see how it all plays out

I think this will be true, but more from a team choice perspective than a robot capability perspective. Teams that have functioning tracking cameras and turrets should be able to score easily especially faced with a traffic jam.

The question is why would you score in auto mode? Since there are no bonuses i would say that you are significantly more likely to accurately score with humans driving.

That being said I expect to see teams try it anyway and just add to the number of balls on the field after autonomous mode is over.

I agree with Greg, we have decided that we are not going to even attempt auto scoring, even though it would be an easy offshoot of our teleop turret tracking capabilities.

I agree, but only because the perceived reward by most teams is very low.

We have plans to score points in autonomous mode. We feel there is a strategic benefit.

why is there not a #2 prediction?

#2 Prediction:

I predict that Car Nack has trouble counting…:slight_smile:

There is now :stuck_out_tongue:

Carnack is very delusive

I predict that Car Nack has trouble remembering his ID.

I fear that, although the record of the great Car Nack is indeed impressive, he has gotten this one badly wrong by forgetting to take into account the teams that will unfortunately lack an autonomous mode…

If a team doesn’t move in autonomous mode for more than one match, we will get them. Sitting duck code is so easy a Welshman could do it.


As a programmer by trade, here is my thinking regarding why we won’t try to score in autonomous:

-If we miss in autonomous, the team blames me
-If we miss in teleop, the team blames the drivers


Any news on this? I wasn’t able to watch very many matches…