Car Nack Predicts

Car Nack Predicts

  1. The robot team members who are drinking orange juice everyday will get very few colds during the six weeks of the CDI.

  2. During the qualifying rounds there will be no raw score zero to zero ties.

  3. Osama bin Laden will be “removed” from power before the conclusion of the CDI.

  4. During qualifying rounds there will be no net score zero to zero ties.

  5. There will be net scores of greater than 40 points,

  6. After the CDI “rattle, rattle, thunder clatter” will have a new meaning.

  7. The number one seed will have pneumatics on it’s robot.

  8. The CDI 2001 will be a huge success and great fun.

Car Nack has spoken

I remember last year, Car Nack was very accurate in his predictions for the CDI…some of this year’s predictions, however, seem to be a little bit riskier. Only time will tell…

Oh great car nack, once again you will prove your wiseness goes beyond your years! I especially liked the 1st one - made me laugh out loud so hard I woke the dog! (it’s past her bedtime)

Oh Great Carnack,
Do we have to add pnuematics to qualify for #1 seed? Ha! Looking forward to seeing your predictions come true though. See you in two weeks.

There will be a posting of the predictions for all teams to see and enjoy.

We will review these as the days events unfold to see the accuracy.