Car pooling

I will be volunteering, as a Robot Inspector, on Thursday and Friday. I will be staying with a friend in Woodstock, GA.
Anyone want to carpool?

Thanks for volunteering!

If you are staying in Woodstock, try and contact team 1746. They are from up there and will be competing. You may also want to send a PM to ‘rfolea’.

See you at the GWCC!

car pooling with a complete stranger.

I can vouch for Wayne …

He IS stranger than most … :yikes: :smiley:

I’ll see you down there Wayne. Wish I had a friend in the area - I’m in a hotel. Good luck setting up the 'pool!

OK, I had some sort of a “senior moment”, 1746 is from the other northern corner of the suburbs…


I think the closest team to Woodstock that’s going to the Dome is Kell Robotics, Team 1311.

Sorry Again!