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Hello everybody!::safety::
I am Melis, the team captain of Inanc Mechatronics Club. In the days that Regionals are approaching time by time, we hope everything is going well with your teams.

As you know, the emission of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere through the use of fossil fuels is one of the most important problems of today, which forms the gases that cause the greenhouse effect. This emission, which has been shown as the main cause of global warming, is introducing a serious trouble day by day. As a result of that, the increase in the rates of carbon dioxide and methane through the atmosphere increases the temperature of the earth’s surface. This increase in temperature on the surface of the earth leads to the ice masses near the poles to melt defectively and the sea to rise. Water that composes with the melting of the glaciers, is less reflective than the ice, leads to a vicious cycle. As a result, the absorption of the sun rays are increasing and therefore this contributes to the glacier to melt faster.

This serious problem is caused not only by big companies but also by our habits and the products, which we use directly. There is a Carbon Footprint for all of us, measured by the amount of greenhouse gas produced in terms of unit carbon dioxide, which is the damage that human activities cause to the environment. Although the problem seems to be incomprehensible, we believe that each person can make a difference as the Inanc Mechatronics Club.

As FRC teams, we produce too much energy and cause too much carbon dioxide emission both during the build season and the competitions. We decided to take the action as IMC to create awareness and take the necessary precautions together. We prepared a test for your team to calculate the Carbon Footprint during the FRC adventure. As a result of this test, you will be able to learn about the carbon dioxide gas that your team has emitted during a season, and our team will have access to advice on precautions that can be taken to reduce this emission. For each team participating in this project, we will eventually plant a tree as IMC for the arid area around our school and at the end of the project, with all these trees “FRC Turkey” forest will be created. Despite the carbon dioxide we produce, we aim to create a space that cleans our atmosphere.

The only thing we ask for you is to fill in the test on the link below. We hope that as a result of this project as FRC teams our awareness will increase about this issue and we hope that we will all get together and fulfill our responsibility. We, as IMC, have already begun to make differences about this issue by changing our habits and we are waiting for you to join the club :slight_smile:


If you have a problem in any subject, do not hesitate to contact us,

Good luck in the Regionals and greetings from Turkey!

You had me at planting trees.

However, the survey is a bit problematic as it requires vast amounts of assumptions from the very beginning. Please understand that my team resides in a fairly rural area in the middle of USA - Minnesota to be precise (Skol Vikings).

I am not sure how to answer many of the questions as I also have to make assumptions on what you are asking. Case in point, are you asking what we spend on articles of clothing - or are you asking what the total amount of garments that our team (collectively) wears each day/week/month/build season?

I also understand that there is a language barrier - so is this survey best served for Turkey? And if it is not, can you rework the survey so that it best suits each geographic area?

If I answered each question as I read it, my team will be off the charts (as it probably would be regardless of language barrier) due to our rural nature.

I love what you are attempting to do, but it does need some rework so I can better understand the prompts.


Hello again,

Thanks for spending your time and for your interest. As we are saying clothes, we are talking about the team t-shirts, sweatshirts or any other types of clothes which are specialized for your team.
English is our second language but we can try to explain what we are trying to say for you, you can just send an e-mail anytime!

Best wishes!