Career choices

Just out of curiousity I was wondering how many of you out there are planning on becoming engineers because of your experience with FIRST and what type of engineers are you planning on becoming?

Sorry for the few amount of choices, but at the time i couldn’t remember all the major engineering careers

Personally I’m studying electrical engineering. I think, however, that you may want to add a few additional choices to the list. Though mechanical and electrical are obvious paths for a former FIRST participant, there are many others that they might (and very often do) choose to enter such as chemical, industrial, civil, and biomed just to name a few. Just my 2 cents.

FIRST has taught me I dont want to be an engineer (its just not for me). It has however taught me that I love working with video and doing computer animations. I want to something with it one day.

Computer Engineering.

A mix of electrical and software.

Technically I’m actually majoring in ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering). Not all schools offer a combined major like that but I’m sure glad mine does! :wink:

I’m going to be double majoring in Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, so if I go into the field as an Engineer instead of a doctor (my current aspiration) it’d be one of those.

mechanic, because im good with tools, parts,and rembering odd things.

before joining FIRST, i sure wanted to be SUPERMAN or SPIDER MAN!.. :stuck_out_tongue:
but after joining FIRST, i realized that there are other ways i can help people and the world. So far my plan is to major in Project Management and Systems Engineering. Its a completely new major in the market and is combination of some of the major engineering fields.

I think I’m double majoring in mechanical engineering and physics with a management minor.

I’ll be studying manufacturing engineering because I always had an interest in the assembly line and robots (yay :smiley: ) that I thought it would be really awesome to work with robots the rest of my life. :slight_smile:

that actualy sounds really interesting… buddy you made me re-consider my major :rolleyes:

:wink: you can be crazy like me and go for 2 majors.

hmmmm… looking at my condition last night, i was actually thinking about it.
System Engineering and Project Management…
isn’t it a great combination?

I just like the field of Robotics Engineering in general.
I guess having a stupid short deadline and having to create something fully functional that not only has to perform the tasks but perform them well enough to do well against the other Robots, which causes late nights and not getting a decent night’s sleep since you started due to too many nights spent at the school until 2am, just appeals to me.

Can’t imagine why. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

When I first got into first I wanted to be an inventor. I still do but I know better than to try to make a living of such a thing. Inventing is a hobby; I call it a hobby because hobbies cost money. Though I want it to be my career it’s not something you can just jump into. Your job brings you money and if you enjoy your job well great! You can be pretty happy with that can’t you? Through High school I was always determined to be a Mechanical engineer. Towards the end of High school I had a job in a machine shop as a draftsman and CNC programmer through the practical mechanical experience that has given me. It was becoming more and more evident to me how the real world, the engineering profession and manufacturing work. Like all things in the real world it’s all about money. I discovered that most engineers who went to engineering school are lacking necessary knowledge about how things are made, what can be made with what tools, what is necessary to do, and what you can get away with mechanically. Things that they simply did not learn in school. Students that come out of first often know allot of things that many engineers are lacking. So when I graduated high school I had allotted more respect for the machinists and manufactures that make the stuff that the engineers design. Starting in junior college I was offered a Job With EDF as a draftsman by my friend and mentor on team 179, Dan Quiggle. I’m a subcontractor at Pratt&Whitney test systems in West Palm Beach. Here I discovered Where and How much, Government money goes into things. Also that most often an engineer will just come up with an idea. A draftsman will design it, make the drawing and the engineer will sign off on it. And of course the engineer gets pain allot of money doing that. I have seen first hands both sides of the engineering field and there it a very colorful Gradient of the kind of people what the do and how much they get paid. So now I’m certain I want to finish my education get the proper connections and actually be an inventor capable of marketing p product or idea. It isn’t the easiest thing to do but to me it would be the most rewarding. ME’s have great jobs get great pay and have fun. But they don’t call the shots. The Money calls the shots. I believe that your career should support your dreams. Though it’s not the most sure things I today more confident then ever say I Want to Be an Inventor

I will be studying Mechatronics Engineering. It’s a blend of mechanical, electrical, computer, and systems design engineering.

FIRST has taught me that I don’t want to be an engineer. I am on my way to becoming an Paramedic (EMT-P). I have learned that helping people and “Making my grandmother proud” is something that I really love to do.

House truss designer and floors both involve a heck of a lot of engineering.

What I want to major in is in just about continuous flux. I’m pretty certain that I want to do Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace would be my ideal major, but I figure that it limits my future job choices quite a bit. For my second major either Physics or Chemistry. My Dad and my brother both did Chemistry, and I like the field, but I really would prefer Physics, but Chem seems more employable. After all that, maybe a minor in Philosophy, Psychology, or Environmental Science?

It’s really sad, but I’m not going to be an engineer. I really really love engineering, especially the computer drafting stuff but, I love the lab setting even more. This summer I have a job in a lab doing protein extraction from wheat germ for a professor in the biochem department who is studying RNA translation and in the fall I’ll start college as a microbiology major. So pretty much most of my big time engineering stuff is over :frowning: I will most likely end up in the medical field doing who knows… I dunno, maybe I can find my way back to engineering someday.