Cargo bounce in upper hub

Our team is planning to build a simple version of the upper hub. I’m worried about how the ball will behave and specifically if it will easily bounce out. Does anyone have any video or experiment data show that or is it part of the check off release videos?

I think everyone wishes the guy in the kickoff had -made- a shot :wink:


Yeah. Poor guy, though. Kudos to him for being willing to take that shot on live television.

There is the Hub Field Tour video, if you’re saying you haven’t seen that?


Yes thank you for that. Can’t tell where those shots are originating from but likely kind of close in and low energy shot. I’m curious what a shot from the protected zone might do.

That video does show some interesting things regarding bounces in the hubs. The only shot they show that bounces out of a hub is actually one shot into the lower hub. It hits the center where the chains converge and bounces off it like it’s almost solid. The other low hub shots all hit chain too, but these are off-center and don’t bounce. The high hub shots don’t show any signs of bouncing up and out, but that’s not exactly surprising when the ball is following a high arcing trajectory (as they must to even get into the high hub) and entering a fairly acute truncated cone. The chain in the low hub is a much more obtuse cone (and not truncated), so we should expect them to behave a bit differently.

I think cargo colliding with each other is a bigger issue than hitting the polycarb. The steep angle should help corral cargo downward.


Also curious to see the effects of aggressive spin in either direction. Certainly going to be something to play with, like 2020.

do any teams have video of long shots interacting with the cone? Or shots with large amounts of backspin?

The hub seems to flex a bit so I think it’ll be hard to determine exact bounce characteristics with a mock up. Here are some shots on the actual field.

yeah I saw those, but there is no indication where they were shot from and they look like they were done by hand. There is almost no spin on them.