Cargo diameter?

So my team is working out the dimensions of our cargo handler and we’ve run into what seems to be a problem. The cargo we have is not the stated regulation size of 13" in diameter. It had looked off to my eye, so I measured the circumference every way possible (using the ends, the mid-seam, etc.) and it came out to 33.5" every time. That’s only about 10.67" in diameter, not 13". Is anyone else seeing this kind of variation? am I just supposed to inflate the thing until it reaches 13"? It’s already pretty well inflated and I can’t imagine it holding up to the kind of pressure that would increase its diameter by almost 2.5" without popping. How are we supposed to handle cargo if it’s this variable? Help!

I would think that it’s part of the game challenge. From the game manual, “each CARGO (regardless of inflation state)” will be scored. And Q1 clarifies that they don’t inflate to a PSI, but to a size. In our prototyping we experimented with various mechanisms and accounted for the fact that Cargo would vary in inflation levels during matches (in fact the very first Cargo we got was popped by our first intake prototype… oops)

For what it’s worth, most teams found that the cargo needs time to stretch before inflating fully up to a 13" diameter. That being said, it was also released (game update 2 iirc) that field cargo will have a ±0.5" tolerance on the field, so whatever mechanism you design should bear in mind that it may have to handle as small as 12.5" cargo and as large as 13.5".

Cool. Handling a .5" variation is fine, as long as we know that it’s a difference our mechanism can work with. It was the radical difference that was getting me. I hope the one we have will take inflation to 13", since it’s been sitting around since kick-off inflated to its current size. I guess we’ll just have to put the compressor to it and see if it goes “pop”.

Thanks everyone for the help on this.

When we first inflated it I was sure it was going to explode before it got to 12". Very firm. Now we’ve inflated it to 13" and is has a fair amount of squish.

The cargo balls do start to look fully inflated at around 10” or so, but I assure you they will go up to 13 without popping before you get there, barring any manufacturing defects.