Cargo van or trailer rental question

So after we had everything figured out and booked, including a school-furnished trailer and vehicle to pull it from OKC to Detroit, our school decided to rescind the use of the vehicle.

No other teams are attending Detroit from our part of the country (and we are only attending Detroit because of… our school), so we have to come up with another option to get our stuff there. It looks like moving vans are expensive, but we may be able to rent a 3/4 ton truck to haul a trailer. What other options have teams used?

This whole ordeal has been frustrating to say the least. Thanks for any tips.

We attended the Rocket City Regional (Huntsville, AL) and saw at least 2 teams use a charter bus equipped with a handicap lift in the back. Those teams used that area inside the bus to transport their robot. They also placed what appeared to be their pit boxes/tool boxes in the luggage area.
This greatly limits what you can take, but it is a solution.

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We did something similar for a few years (loaded everything under the bus), until we purchased a trailer for our team. Not ideal, but worked. We did this during 2016/2017 though, when the robot was much shorter.

I would go two ways: first, launch a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money to rent a van to carry your equipment to Detroit; second, publicize your situation on your social media channels and in local papers, as well as radio/tv outlets and state you are seeking a good samaritan vehicle lease company to make available a vehicle at a discounted price, or in exchange for the publicity/visibility.

Find a friendly used car dealer who will let you “test drive” a decent truck for a week.:grin:

Thanks. A bus isn’t really an option at this point since we have our plane tickets except for the one family he was planning to pull the trailer up. I I think what we may do is rent a three-quarter ton truck, and I have two offers from others to let us borrow their trailer.

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The problem with renting a truck is that they almost all charge by-the-mile. You want something that rents by-the-day. Look into passenger vans where you can remove the seats.

Thankfully, with the help of several parents, we got it straightened out with a rental. It’s been an interesting day.

If you are a teacher (or the faculty advisor for your team), you can start a SNAP! campaign. SNAP is more aggressive than a GoFundMe account. Each member provides email addresses to SNAP and they handle the rest.

We have a trailer & rent a truck to pull it. The truck seats 6, so it’s nice to park the trailer & use the truck for mentor transportation in the evenings.

One year a mentor volunteered to use his personal truck. Blew out his transmission. :frowning:

Enterprise truck rental, diesel F250.

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