Carnage at the Suffield scrimmage

After scoring what I believe to be the first auto and teleport points of the scrimmage and making it all the way through qualification (5 matches) we lost our catapult for the rest of the games due to a malfunction.

Tough game. Hope to see you running soon.

Any way to switch to a hex shaft/sprocket? That keyway is a massive stress riser and it’s going to continue to fail there.

Was that #25 or #35 chain? Is that a steel sprocket or aluminum?

Definitely steel.

The sprocket was steel and you were correct, the split occurred directly on the set screw key way spot. We fabricated a new sprocket yesterday to the right size, created a spare, and repositioned the set screw. Also, we used a different type of steel, supposedly stronger than what we had before. We tightened the chains to fix some slope, and we were back scoring in the ten point goal by this afternoon… with no other issues.

Actually the broke sprocket was cast and we replaced it with machine steel. We drove home 6 in a row in the high goal and then nailed down our autonomous. After the shakedown we found our week spots and made strong improvements. Competitions here we come.