Caroling for Hints

Since we do not yet have an official hint to wake up our creative sides, my wife suggests “Caroling for Hints” to see how creative our community can be.

Format, give the title of the actual song and then your own lyrics.

Her example is…

To the tune of “O, Christmas Tree”…

"Oh Dave Lav’ry, - Oh Dave Lav’ry,
We know what we want - For our tree.

Oh Dave Lav’ry - Oh Dave Lav’ry
Give us a hint of - What’s to be

I’s been a year - Since we have had
A hint from you - To drive us mad

Oh Dave Lav’ry, - Oh Davy Lav’ry,
Would it it help if I said - Pretty Please."

Have fun with it!

Did you not see the hint?

To the tune of Jingle Bells:

New game hint, New game hint
New game hint from Dave
Oh what fun to speculate
What it means today-ay

New game hint, New game hint
New game hint from Dave
Oh what fun to speculate
What it means today-ay

We’re all dying to know
What the game is today
What the field may show
With what piece we’ll play
Bill’s blog hints at things
Making spirits bright
What fun a true hint would bring
To members of this site,

New game hint, New game hint
…… (this is for continuation of the song and not some Morse code thing)

To the tune of ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’
and deepest apologies to the author, Philip Brooks

What’s in the mind of
When will we get a hint
We beg and poke and prod and joke
But still no hints we find

Yet in our hearts we hope for
a special Christmas hint
The hopes and fears of all us here
is for our first game hint

Now for one of my own…

To the tune of “12 Days of Christmas” (last versus)

On the 12th day of robots Dave Lav’ry gave to us
12 Krispy Kreme Donuts
11 Morse code letters
10 Hawaiian Shirts
9 NC rookie teams
8 things with water
7 Python Quotations
6 Robots Coopeting
5 Misdirections
4 Championship Divisions
3 cat ref’rences
2 Mars Rovers
and a GAME HINT for all to see!

To the tune of We Wish You a Merry Christmas:

We wish you an annoying game hint,
We wish you an annoying game hint,
We wish you an annoying game hint
With love the GDC!

To the tune Frosty the Snowman:

Lavery the Game Man
Where is your hint today?
With your Krispy Cremes
and some corny jokes,
can’t you baffle us with one more?

With CANBUS on the controllers,
and a programmable FPGA,
It make me wonder just what it is,
that the GDC is planning today.

Lavery the Game Man,
Please spill the beans right here.
Teams are waiting for an early Christmas gift
so they can lose sleep before next year.

I’d post one, but I think I’d rather wait until the IRI talent show… That’s just like Christmas, right?

well maby it well come out tomarrow on xmas as a xmas present or on the 25th

To the tune of “I’m Wishing for a White Christmas”:
*I’m dreaming of the right Game Hint
Not like the ones from GDC
Where the mentors listen,
with students squintin’
To crack the secret new game key!
P.S. My sincere best wishes for a happy and safe holiday to all my friends in FRC.

This thread is full of win.

(continuing David Brinza’s)

I’m dreaming, of a new Game Hint
With every practice bot I code.
May this clue be helpful, and nice!
And may all your Kickoffs be bright!

Everyone needs to please stop now before Karthik starts singing.


I thought that was why the game hint was released, to keep this thread from going any farther.

It isn’t Christmas yet, silly.

Are you saying this thread isn’t over until Karthik sings?
Oh, no! Please, no! After all, we did get our wish!

I’m just getting warmed up to the idea of crafting a Christmas hint ditty. It isn’t Christmas yet.

I thought you liked torturing us Dave. Why not make our robots play karthik music during the game?

Sung to Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

You know patience in waiting for game hints is dismal.
Fondness for harping and carping… abysmal.

But when they appear…
Some laugh, some cry, and some cheer.

Thank you for giving us game hints,
They are filled with mystery.
Thank you for giving us game hints,
There’s no one like the GDC.
Thank you for giving us game hints,
As perplexing as they can be…
One thing we know about game hints,
They’ll go down in his-tor-y!

Shhh! don’t mention his name, he might hear you and come and sing to us. I wonder where he compares to Vogon singing (I know their poetry comes in 3rd worst but their singing can’t be very good either)