Carpet & Fabric.

Can anyone please tell me where do u buy your carpet for when you practice and what kind, also what kind of fabric do u use for the bumpers of the robot and where to buy it??? :confused:

Carpet - answered in Q&A

Bumper material - answered in the rules. Try or (I always forget which letter is doubled) as a source.

Sorry, I don’t have time right now to look up sources.

There should have been a sample of the recommended bumper fabric in the KOP. The sample had some of this info… is the correct spelling btw.

The card had Seattle Farbics. Oops. Someone didn’t use spellcheck. :eek:

Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone know if Seattle Fabrics is donating, or giving us a discount on the recommended bumper material? It seems that all of the other KOP suppliers are offering discounts or special treatment for FIRST participants. Why else would the GDC put a swatch of material from Seattle Fabrics in there?

I haven’t called/emailed Seattle Fabrics yet, it’s on my very long “to do” list. Has anyone else contacted them? We have used Seattle Fabrics for the past two years as our supplier of choice, so I have no problem going back to them. I’m just hoping for a discount. Thanks,


Kate (Who is the FIRST KoP engineer) may be the correct person to contact at FIRST to find out about that subject if you can’t get anyone at Seattle Fabrics who knows anything.

Kate Pilotte,
KoP Engineer, 
200 Bedford Street, 
Manchester, N.H. 03101; 
phone 603-666-3906 x108, or 800.US1.TEAM x108.

I ordered my bumper material yesterday. It was 13.50 a yard and shipping was high to have it sent to the east coast. But i got the color i wanted int he recommended material from FIRST.