Carpet in 2001/2002?

We purchased the carpet to follow the specs of either 2001 or 2002, and we were wondering if the carpet then followed the same spec as the carpet for this year, as we want to be able to have the exact contrast needed for line tracking, Thanks. :smiley:

For reference, the Carpet this year is:

S&S Mills, Sequoia 20 Oz. Level Loop Pile, Color: Ground Pepper

Thanks for the info! This will be very helpful when testing the photo resistors.:slight_smile:

Huh? My questions is whether the carpet is the same, not a statement that it is. Just clearing that up so I don’t mess up your team later. :s

That is the correct info for THIS years carpet on the bottom, I just have been unable to find the manuals for 2001 or 2002.

Chances are, under the extreme lighting conditions of the real stage/field, you’ll have to recalibrate. It’s what Thursday’s for!

Thankfully, the rockwell sensors make it pretty easy to do.

Don’t worry tooo much about getting an exact match.:slight_smile:

I was referring to the information at the bottom.

The carpet was different in the old days. See here for Brassfield carpet information; I can’t find anything on Sequoia at the moment.

(And you can find the rules with a bit of hunting on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine; type in, and navigate, for example to

Thanks a lot! Guess we will have to buy some new carpet after all.