What kind of carpet is on the field???

Here ya go Mandy…

Q: Reference manual section 3.2.1. I am trying to find out the exact type/model/description of the carpet… It is not specified by color/design. Who manufactured this carpet and can you list any contact information for that company?

A: Carpet information is listed in Section 6, Kit of Parts Supplier Contacts as the last item. This question has also been answered in detail in a previous Q&A.

Q: Is the carpet of the playing field similar to industrial carpet and can we find it locally?

A: This is difficult to answer. The best thing to do is to conatct S+S Mills at 800-241-4013. The carpet is Sequoia 20; its color is ground pepper. They are carpet manufacturers and may be able to help.

[left][size=2]From the 2004 KOP Suppliers List:[/left]
[left]Playing Field Carpet[/left]

[/size][left]S.S. Mills, Inc.[/left]

[left]PO Box 1568[/left]
[left]Dalton, GA 30722[/left]
[left]Phone: 800-241-4013[/left]
[left]Fax: 706-277-3677[/left]
[left]Sequoia 20; #30550 ground pepper[/left]

thanx a bunch guys!!!.. btw… how are yall???