where are the specs for the carpet? please and thank you

3.2.1 Boundaries and Markings
The carpeted Playing Field is 48 feet by 24 feet, bounded by two Walls and a Guardrail System. The Guardrail System is a 20-inch high horizontal pipe with vertical supports mounted on a 3” aluminum angle. A 3/16” stranded steel cable runs through the vertical supports mid way between the angle aluminum and the top pipe.

Please Take Note:
This (of course) refers to the 2004 carpet.

We STILL don’t know 2005’s rules/regs/specs.

(Sorry Katie, couldn’t help it!)

From the 2003 Supplier List:
S. S. Mills
Dalton, GA

From 2002 Game rules, same supplier: Brassfield 20, color-Black Coal

From 2004 Supplier list, same supplier: Sequoia 20,#30550 ground pepper