New to this forum, and not sure if this was asked before:
but i would like to know what is the type of carpet used on as the field.
My team would like to purchase a roll to use as a practice field
thanks everyone :smiley:

Did you know at the end of the championship you can roll up the carpet and take it home? We did in 2004 and now it lines the floor of our site ( I think it was Curie).

  1. Q&A Section 3.2 - Source for carpet?
    I looked through the Arena section as well as the Tips and Good Practices document, and I couldn’t seem to find the source and model of the carpet used on the field. Where can we get it? What does it cost?

S&S Mills (800) 241-4013 Sequoia 20 - Ground Pepper
Contact: Mildred Brewton

Most regional events are happy to give this away. Plan ahead and ask, and take it with you on Sat.

Just in case you’re wondering, Woburn (188) has a couple of rolls from several years ago which we use for that purpose. If the team managed to carry some of the GTR carpets home, we’ll probably have no use for the old ones.

Post a message on the forums if you’re interested, and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks guys, really 'preciate it

something i found out was they NEVER reuse the carpet(i volunteered for set up and take down at boston), so its a free for all at the end of the championships

Same goes for regionals. They have two brand new gigantic rolls delivered to each regional, as far as I know.