Carrying cart for robot

This is our first year doing FRC and our team wants to design and build a cart to carry our robot. Any ideas on useful features that we can put into the design?

Let me nip this in the bud… use the search button because there are many threads about it already… I don’t really care but i’m trying to save you from people jumping on you later for it.

But my advice for what the cart needs in a platform and wheels. Don’t go too elaborate because the robot is whats important right now. If you really want you could make a slot for some batteries

Also, the other Nerd Herd might not like it too much.

I’ve actually looked around, and I can’t find a thread dedicated to helping rookies with their carts, so I think you’re good. :slight_smile:

It’s my first year in Robotics, and I’ve been put in charge of cart design. Maybe we could work together, Redstone. :D? I was thinking of maybe just continuing what we had last year, which was an expanded chassis with better wheels, but I want this year’s to be better. Basically yeah, what viper said. Battery slot or something, and handle, probably.

Any thoughts?

I’m curious about dimensions. How much space is good around the edges? What kind of wheels should there be?

Here’s one
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Welcome to FIRST. My one advice would be to make sure that your robot securely sits on top of the cart. If need be, add restraints. Wouldn’t be fun to see your robot fall off and break something :D.

Ehehe, thanks. :o

Your cart does not need to be elaborate. We use a knockdown wire frame cart with two shelves. One is high enough to work on the robot with relative ease and the other is used for spares, tools and batteries when needed for finals. The only thing added is a 2x4 frame that is designed to keep the wheels above the cart shelf for testing. It is light, easy to see in the dark and easy to maneuver for both our team and field volunteers.