Carrying Robot

I’ve seen a lot of different teams use different techniques for carrying their robot. I’ve thought about doing an eye-bolt and a very short dog leash or something of the like. What designs have you employed and what works well?


I have seen many variants of that. People have been happy with it.

I have also seen some more complicated schemes. It is not clear that the more complicated schemes work any better.

Yep. 4 eyebolts in the corners with some kind of detachable t-handle. Best design decision ever! Added bonus: if you make the eyebolts long enough, they can serve double duty as swerve drive protection.


I like McMaster-Carr handles. Available in multiple colors, and can’t be forgotten when packing for a competition.

If you go this route I’d use something with a hard handle that won’t squish your hand, something like paracord or stronger rope through ~5” sections of PVC. Same fundamental idea though.

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We also use four eye bolts at the frame corners and lift handles made from these Velcro hang straps. We looped them through 4" sections of 1" PVC conduit. It makes for a solid and secure handle that’s pretty much the perfect size to lift with and the carabiner clips on and off quickly while the swivel lets you position your hands for the best lift angle. Here’s a pic of one of our lift handles:


These are not slick built-ins, but they definitely make it easier for students to lift the robot. We just sling them under the robot and separate them until they’re near the wheels at the 4 robot corners.

Kayak handles, carabineers, and eye bolts George Clips. The best way to move your robot

look at this that was just recently posted, almost exactly what you’re looking for 1339 Open Alliance Blog 2023 - #45 by mrnoble

Same idea here, but we use “Goat Leads”. We’re an Ag state, what can I say :wink:


We use large meat hooks like these on Amazon. We just file down the points. The just add brackets with holes to the base of the robot. Tinsow 2pcs Stainless Steel T Hooks T-Handle Meat Boning Hook for Kitchen Butcher Shop Restaurant BBQ Tool : Home & Kitchen