Carrying the ball under the overpass but across the finish line

Does this action result in only 2 points (for the robot, 0 for the ball) since the ball was in contact with the robot?, according rule G10?:confused:

That’s what it sounds like to me!

Sounds to me the ball CANNOT be carried to score. It must cross the line while its not in contact with a robot, unless its in contact with robots of both alliances. That second part is puzzling to me.

<G10>Each TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its own FINISH LINE while not in contact with a
ROBOT of the same ALLIANCE will earn 2 points. A TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its
own FINISH LINE which contacts ROBOTS of both ALLIANCES while CROSSING will earn
2 points.

Wow, that had me puzzled for a second too.
Kind of weird when you first read it.

If your robot (and your robot alone, or a combination of your robot and your alliance partner’s robot together) is holding or (touching in any way) your own ball and you pass the finish line, then it does not count as scoring.

If you are holding your ball and while crossing the finish line the ball is touching your opposing alliance robot then it counts? Or to the extreme “why the heck on earth would this happen? type of scenario” if your opposing alliance’s robot carries your ball over your finish line then it counts.

This is odd. So… basically… if I am understanding this correctly, if you’re drafting a robot of the opossing alliance and holding a ball (say 2 feet in the air)… make sure that before you cross your finish line the ball in your posession touches your opposing alliance’s robot as your cross your own finish line and it will count?? (As it will now be satisfying "… A TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its own FINISH LINE which contacts ROBOTS of both ALLIANCES while CROSSING will earn 2 points.")

What the heck?? That’s interesting. I can see people pushing their opposing alliance robots through their own finish lines with the balls in between them and it counts as 2 points? Is this GP at all???

Hmmm… am I reading this right?


I think this will go back to the definition of Crossing though.

[LEFT]CROSSING: The act of a TRCKBALL or ROBOT passing through the plane defined by a line (i.e.
LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE) when it is projected vertically upwards. A TRACKBALL or
ROBOT shall have CROSSED a line when all parts of the object, while traveling in a counterclockwise[/LEFT]
direction, have completely passed through the plane.

What does projected vertically upward mean? I think with a robot it would mean in an upright and (assumably) driveable position, but how do you define “vertically upward” with a round ball???

OMG, I’m reading wayyyyy to deep into these things I think. :eek:

There are two conditions under which a trackball may score 2 points in <G10>. One is if it crosses the line without being in contact with a robot from your alliance. The other is if it is simultaneously in contact with robots from both alliances. Either one scores the points. Your choice is to bop the ball across the line, or to convince your opponent to help you carry it across.

The “vertical projection” is the vertical plane that is defined by the line, not the robot or the trackball.

So if you carry, push, shove, bounce an opponents trackball across their finish line you have just given them two points?

Has anyone found anything that says the trackball only counts as crossing (to reset for scoring, hurdling or crossing alliance finish line) a finish line if it is traveling in a counter-clockwise direction?

Look 2 posts above yours. :eek:

OOPS, so sorry, I am still having trouble with these bifocals. It seems as though I can read and re-read and re-read the rules and definitions and still miss something.

This scenario was explicitly called out in the human simulation at Kickoff. One of the blue robots didn’t unload the ball before crossing the finish line, and didn’t get the points for the ball.

It seems your best bet is to roll the ball across the line and than follow it across without touching it.

Blue robot with a Blue Ball I’m guessing?

I wasn’t really paying attention to the human demonstration on the screen in front of us. Too much other stuff going on during the live kickoff on top of the Camera boom being right in front of us blocking the screen half the time lead to me not watching something that was pre-recorded (And not done live, which the human player match was). lol

I’ll go back and watch that though. Thanks for the tip Eric!


Think about the following scenario -
Cute, friendly Redabot is approaching the Red Finish Line, “dribbling” a Red Trackball in front of it with the intent of pushing it across the Finish Line. Evil, nasty Blueabot is waiting just on the other side of the line. Redabot bumps the Trackball to knock it across the Finish Line for a score. But Blueabot moves to bounce the Trackball backwards and into contact with Redabot, to prevent the score. Redabot and Blueabot get into a pushing match with the Trackball in between them, which is straddling the Finish Line.

If Blueabot is the more powerful, it will push Redabot and the Trackball backwards and out of scoring position. It will also likely penetrate the plane of the Finish Line in the process, and take a 10 point penalty. If Redabot is the more powerful, then it will push the Trackball (and Blueabot) across the Finish Line. Due to this rule, the score will count. In either case, Blueabot will have failed. Moral of the story: don’t do this.


I’m impressed that the game designers are on top of things this much. This is one of those “----- if you do, ----- if you don’t” situations for defense, set up by the rules. That explicit exception is pure genius.