Cars and the people who drive them

The object of this game is to try to pair up a person, or a group of people, with the car they might drive. Please keep it clean :slight_smile:
I’ll start.

Sport fisherman Barracuda
Musician Tempo
Don Johnson Nash (Rambler)
Cry babies Saab (poetic liscence)
Snake Charmers Viper or Cobra
Rancher Mustang
Little Rancher Pinto
Lion tamer Jaguar or Cougar

Have fun :rolleyes:

Wayne Doenges
Lemmings non Sumus

1975 Metallic Gold Cadillac Eldorado with Purple Shag Carpet Interior and blingin’ crosslaced wire wheels - Dave Lavery

Now to satisfy the true spirit of the rules:

Ron Artest - Pacer (AMC) --> Do they have a vehicle named the “Crazed Lunatic”?
Steve McNair - Titan (Nissan)
Ken Patton - Jeep (old school - think WWII)
Dave Lavery - Pathfinder (Nissan)
Karthik Kanagasabapathy - K-car (Reliant K - no, not the band)
Joe Johnson, Brandon Martus, Mike Martus, Mike Aubry - a Pontiac
Me - a Packard
Andy Baker - a Hog (Harley-Davidson)
Monica Lewinsky - Nahhh, not going there.

There’s no way I’m missing out on this game! :smiley:

fisherman - Marlin

gambler - Monte Carlo

weatherman - Thunder Bird

pilot - Jetta

marriage counsler - LUV

cattle rancher - Wrangler

knight - Cavalier

optometrist - Focus

bodyguard - Escort

jack-of-all-trades - Omni

Now to think up some more… :wink:

P Diddy — Diet Pepsi truck

'nuff said.

Mark Koors-4 wheel steer silverado
Amy Prib- stratus R/T
Kyle Love- 4.3 L S-10 :stuck_out_tongue:

Some more :smiley:

Dave Lavery - Probe (Mars)
Matthew Quigley - Outback
Gypsy - Caravan
Captain Janeway - Voyager
Reggie Miller - Pacer :smiley:
Willy Coyote - Road Runner

Wayne Doenges
Lemmings non Sumus