I’m not an animator.

I saw Cars tonight and it was probably the most amazing thing I’ve seen on screen in the form of animation. I mean, don’t get me wrong… the story was great, but the painstaking detail that was shown in every scene just blew me away

5 stars. Three Thumbs up. Go See it. Now.

Why are you still here? GO!

I sware Tom I wanted to go! Nobody wanted to go with me! :ahh:

I know, I’m going to see this tomorrow ASAP, I can’t wait.

Make sure to check out the VW Bus’s bumper stickers for some good ones (including a “save traditional animation” one!)

Yeah… I work at Mc******'s and we started the Cars toys today. I was staring at the Happy Meal boxes b/c I do pretty much nothing. And anyways… I was amazed by the amount of detail on Steve McQueen’s decals on the car. I need to go see it.

Just saw it. Wow, it’s beautiful, and at some parts you have to remember this is all animation! This is what sets Pixar appart from Over The Hedges of the animation world. Beautiful, well done, lots of heart and magic, well worth the price of admission. (stick through to the end, trust me :wink: )

I’ve yet to see Cars, but probably will go watch it eventually.
Pixar’s next animated movie, Ratatouille, has been announced and has a trailer. View it here I’m not an animator either, but both are very visually appealing.

It’s only because Pixar is absolutely amazing.

Toy Story, Incredibles, Nemo, Monsters Inc. Some of my absolute favorites.

I can’t waitttttt to go see Cars :smiley: .

Cars was very good but I consder it the least of the Pixar films. That’s more of a testament to the greatness of the other Pixar films than a knock against Cars.

When it’s all said and done, the three most important things in ANY film are the script, the script, and the music. Yes, I said “script” twice on purpose. As my exhibit #1, I give you “Toy Story.” If you read the script you will be just as impressed as seeing on the screen. In theater they say “if it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage.” “Toy Story” is not the best-produced CGI animated movie, but it is the best movie overall because it had an incredibly good story. I’m looking forward to “Cars.”

Just got back, it made me smile.

I heard that they actually made “Cars” a few years ago. But then I thought, well yeah, they’ve probably been rendering it ever since. :smiley:

Yeah they actually did. I think Fall of 2004 was it’s first time, then 2005, and then fianlly 2006. I was looking forward to it, mostly because I am a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) Nascar fan (lol) and they have a good number of Nascar drivers in it. Well, and because I just love cars haha. When they said Summer 2006, I was going insane Lol. This is the best movie of the year… no doubt! Deffinately worth the wait! :slight_smile:

The origional time frame was winter 2005, but they pushed it back till last Friday for some reason (I think so Chicken Little didn’t have to go against Hitchhiker’s Guide and other sci-fi ish movies that summer.) As for rendering, it took on average 17 hours to render each frame of the movie!

OMG is that Paris shot CG? Stunned

117 mins x 60 x 29.97 x 17 / 24 = 149 days or about 5 months :ahh: :yikes:

I saw “cars” and “Over the Hedge” opening day.
As an animator I normally think “I’m doing pretty good, I can make models and animate them in a realistic fashion. I could do an entire film if I really wanted to spend that kind of time on it.” But then I go see Pixars film and realize how much of a rookie I am when it comes to animation.

One thing I did notice about Cars. It seems that every Computer animation movie that comes out the company tries to “show off” a technical part of the movie. For example “Over the Hedge” when crazy with extremely good particle effects. So Dreamworks was saying “look how good we can do particle effects.” Pixar was trying to show off how well they can do landscapes and computer generated backgrounds. So Pixar was basically saying “ha! It looks so real you probably thought we went out and filmed the rocky mountains.”

I’m not dissing anybody here I just think its funny to notice these kinds of things.

One of my favorite things to do while watching computer animated movies is find errors, like textures that got messed up, meshes with odd holes, odd joints, random eye movement is really fun to do. There was quite a few in the movie Hoodwinked, not to mention the water in the movie when untouched looked great, but when a character went into the water it was terrible.
Haven’t seen Cars yet but I plan to soon, yet at $6 a ticket + mad expensive food, and me not having a job, yeah… I’ll probably wait until its on dvd.

unless you are the fortunate ones that have a high definition 62"+ TV screen with surround sound capabilities you should start playing the “I-Love-you-mom-and-dad-oh-so-very-very-much” Game cause this movie you definitely have to see in theaters

Invite them to go with you, it worked with me. :slight_smile:

You want to see this in theaters, trust me. :wink:

hey, yeah. you just hit the nail on the head. It really IS that way. pretty much every 3D movie is a giant showcase for a new feature in programming/animation. Robots had A huge number of reflective surfaces and sparks and odd lighting tricks. Toy Story was one of the first movies to use a translucent shader, with A Bug’s Life following it up with Tons of translucents. so yeah, i like to see movies and see all the new goodies they are developing in animation.