Cart Accesories? Need help!

Ok…i want to put underglow on the underside of our robot transport cart. It only says in the rule that we can’t have music. does that mean lights are ok?

Yes, lights on the bottom of the cart would be okay just as long as they are not the illuminated green of the goals. Blue, purple and red should be fine.

Last year our cart had green lights and had music. It was another team member’s idea… We didn’t get stopped for having it though.

We’ve used the green tubes from the vision targets and never had an issue.

You SHOULD NOT use green lighting. It can seriously mess up robots if you do.

Anyhow, Red lights are always very effective.

ours has blue neons from a car, and a spare aircompressor that we got from the kop. It runs off of one of the batteries that we use for the robot and we use it to precharge our tanks on the robot

Better check the rules, you need to use a spike and control and power from the robot for an outboard compressor.

we had the green cold cathodes on our cart last year. we just had to turn them off when we were on or withing sight of the field so we wouldn’t mess up the robots